Most Dangerous Animal Body Parts That Can Kill Them

Tune in for the most dangerous animal body parts that can kill them!
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  1. I'm now 50 years old was born with a whole in my heart and had open heart surgery when I was 4 grew up normal guy until now I'm disabled a stroke and cardiac arrest and colon cancer survivor and use a electrical wheelchair when I'm outside of my apartment building here in Hamilton Ontario Canada unfortunately

  2. the lectric eel . puts ts head lik that to create a spark gap and maximiz resistance so current flwing through its head is mnimum as current also gets devided by the various parralel circuits in the water

  3. Blur out a bee’s stinger? Does that have something to do with their sex or how they identify? What has society turned into? A BUNCH OF PANSIES- this will probably be banned so it doesn’t hurt any feelings

  4. not accurate about electric eels there. they don't have to curl up. watch some electric eel videos and watch them hunt stretched out or any position. they are pretty resistant to electric current or they'd be zapping their nearby pals

  5. The porcupine is honestly one of the worst animals when it comes to birth
    Their babies have spikes and if they are born the wrong way, they can cause pain for the mother or worse, internal bleeding

  6. the Terrible toenails thing also happens to dogs to. I work with a dog groomer and i can't tell you how many dogs have come in to get toenails trimmed that were curling under in many cases into their pads

  7. Guys ik this is not realeted but its real sad

    Queen Elizabeth is dead yes shes dead


  8. Speaking of insane creatures: you should one day do a video about the mating habits(and crazy facts) about Humming Birds. I sit outside all day, and watch these tiny beasts fight each other like their in the MMA. Mattter of fact, 2 weeks ago l was pummeled in the face by a trio of these tiny mighty fighters. I have the scratches on my arm to prove it! They don't give a damn about me during the end of mating season. Here in GA, it's August. Anyway, not many people know a lot about them, and how far they fly every year, and return to the same mating grounds….l just think it would make for a cool and educational video. No one will look at Hummers the same way, after knowing how long they live, how far they travel, and their Insane(and terrifying if they're coming toward your face) mating practices. Awesome video! Hope for more about and I animals, always. Luv, Nat

  9. We could say we are one of the top 100 strongest species in the world what we can be happy of because if you put a knife into an animals belly they die in about 10-15 minutes but we humans may take 1 hour or 45 minutes before dying so we have a lot of time to get saved

  10. For years i have wondered how a turtle so big ended up on its back. When i was maybe 6 or 7 my brother 10 or 11 saved a tortoise that was about 100 lbs or so and it was in the middle of the road about 50to 75 feet or so from the water. Now i wonder where the 2nd bigger tortoise was that defeated this giant. Well it was giant to a 6 year old.

  11. You guys didn't cover entomologists' favorite sloth fact: "By descending a tree to defecate, sloths transport moths to their oviposition sites in sloth dung, which facilitates moth colonization of sloth fur. Moths are portals for nutrients, increasing nitrogen levels in sloth fur, which fuels algal growth." Sloths are weird. 😄


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