More Than Medicine | Edward McKay, Jr. (Surgical Technician)

Ed McKay is an inspiration, to his friends, his colleagues and anyone who ever wanted to dream big. He started his career at Johns Hopkins 15 years ago in Environmental Services and worked his way up to surgical technician. He’s worked side by side with some of the world’s greatest surgeons and earned the prestigious Baker King Award. His story demonstrates the partnership between a great institution and the people who make it extraordinary.

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  1. Ed: Your presentation is inspirational and shows the passion and dedication you have for your ST career.  You can be so proud of your determination and your ability to do what it takes to excel. I really liked how JHH portrayed many levels of commitment:  to your career path, to your patients, and to the surgical team.  One of my ST program graduates sent the link to me and suggested that anyone considering the ST career path might find your story inspiring.  I know I did.  Nancy.  

  2. SOOO PROUD TO CALL HIM A FRIEND!! THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME EDWARD HAS BEEN ROCOGNIZED!! Dr. Ben Carson himself was honored to have worked with such a Wonderful, Reliable, and Eager person!! Keep up the good work and continue to display your leadership skills.

  3. Congratulations Ed ! Very inspiring video. Currently studying for my National Board of Surgical Tech Exam. Looking forward to viewing more of your tips. Thank you for your dedication to such a rewarding career.

  4. Ed as a good, experienced Surgical Tech and being so passionate about the career in itself. Why did you not pursue to become a Surgical Assistant? Especially with being so good as a  Surgical Tech, and Surgeons being so confident with your job performance.

  5. I'm currently going to school for surgical tech. We have not gotten to the instruments yet and was wondering if they were difficult to learn? Also, before each surgery do you get a list of ALL the instruments you will need for the surgery so you can set them out and the order the surgeon will usually use them in?

  6. very Inspirational. I did housekeeping at LSU, in the surgery department. got fired from that job. went back to school for Medical Assistant. that didn't work out .went back to housekeeping .now I'm MOVITED to do Surgical Tech. it's something what I wanted to do for so long. and I will do it. GREAT VIDEO.

  7. I loved the video, great effort ED Mckay. I'm starting medical school this fall as a minority and am motivated to bring this similar level of focus and dedication in what I am doing. Thanks for inspiring the people brother!

  8. I had came across this video by accident, and I do spend alot of time watching inspirational videos like this. Because it keeps me extremely motivated in my current goals. I must say, this is the best inspirational story I have watch on youtube. This young black man is definitely a prodigy. Now, some people will be turn of to the fact that I mention "black man." I think it is essential who he is due to the fact of so many negative stereotype on young black man today. We need alot more young black men in the medical field, because we are grossly under representative in all areas in the medical field. I do not know you personally Ed McKay, but I will always pray for your success. I hope you go further in your career. God Bless You. Much love Sake Pase M.D.

  9. Sorry not to bash this or anything, but I was really disappointed when I saw that it said surgical tech and not surgeon. He should be proud of himself, but I was really hoping that he was a surgeon

  10. I start clinicals for my surgery tech program in a couple weeks. It's crazy to me that I'm so close to doing something I've wanted for some time now. Being in the program I started out with anyone of motivation but have lost a bit of it. This video and your personality have made my day and sparked me back up. You're very inspiring and professional and want to say thank you for being you.

  11. Hi Edward, as I watched this inspirational video, I am touched to see that as a young man from poverty choose to overcome the obstacles and progress in life. You truly are an inspiration! and your hard work and dedication to be one of the best, payed off. 🙂

  12. As a CST for 20 some years as a traveler across the country and neuro was by gig, I met some of the best people…
    Would have/love to meet you. I can tell your dedicated and skilled. Keep it up. Message me for a meeting.
    I’m looking to take the next step and create a base of CST’s that meet or exceed the job description. Thanks

  13. I am really considering taking up this program. Can anyone tell me what I would be able to advance to tho? Like what would be my chances of advancing after becoming a surgical tech

  14. This guy is awesome!! He helped me decide this is the career I want. I reached out to him personally for some help and he was actually able to help me with my goals, kudos to him!

  15. Ever since high school I have always known in my heart that the medical field is where I want to retire. When I graduated high school I didn't quite want to go into college so as a stepping stone I got certified as a phlebotomist. I was the youngest student in my class but I worked hard to compete with the others. My teacher seen the dedication in me and while the other students were sent to do their clinicals in dr offices and small hospitals, my teacher sent me off to do my clinicals at one of the largest hospitals we had taking blood in a trauma center. After I finished my finals, my teacher pulled me aside and said "Stephen, you can go so much further than this, I recommend you go to the surgical tech program." I am now 21 and finishing my contract with the national guard with a deployment under my belt, and when I return I think the best decision for me that would make me the happiest is to go the surgical tech route.

  16. This is inspiration to me because I want to be able to work in the operating room as a surgical tech. So is it possible for someone who works in the environmental service department can advance to something else?

  17. So did he have to go back to school for the CST training? How did he start off in environmental services to becoming a surgical tech? Didn’t really explain that part

  18. Such an inspiration. I want to be a surgical tech and this gives me more hope and motivation that I’ll make my dreams come true with hard work and dedication

  19. Good for you! Be very proud of yourself in all of your amazing accomplishments. I'm going through the surg tech program at a community college and there are days I don't feel I'm accomplishing much. Watching this short video and hearing your mindset makes me want to focus more and be more motivated then ever to succeed.

  20. I have the same birthday as you Mr McKay! 25th of May! I actually started studying Human Biology at university but now I am almost completely convinced this is what I want to do!

  21. I start the surgical tech program here in Detroit in a week! I'm 53 years old and nervous! I just happened on this video, it has made me feel better! Thank you Mr. McKay!

  22. I was debating on enrolling into college to become a surgical technologist in the next few months and this solidified that I want to do it. Thank you.


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