Modern Warfare 2

Go inside Infinity Ward’s studios to take a first look at ‘Modern Warfare 2.’
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Comment (183)

  1. lol to right mate i preordered the prestiege eddition cant wait i will be away 4 1 month so sad when i get back i will have missed heaps lol anyway i wont miss out on game release yay il post the unboxing vid on my channel later

  2. To me its got some artistic value. But I mean, if you're talking real artistic value. Id probably say Kill Zone 2. But yah, "who gives a shit." I think MW, + MW2 are top dogs.

  3. I'm really curious if we'll see co-op mode in task forces, that would be awesome. Some footage out there shows two people playing on separate boxes while playing what maybe one of the task force missions.

  4. you don't HAVE to live in america.
    look at their freaking channel stupid. you think they'd have THAT MANY SUBSCRIBERS if they were scammers?
    common sense is a valuable part of life, and you should keep your mouth shut until you gain some.

  5. "The goal is to be better than movies"
    SUCSESS!! yous did that on modern warfare 1 man!! I felt like i was in a kick ass action movie lol I actually got a lil scared on the Boat mission,y'know at the end when you go to jump in the helicopter & slip,but Price saves yo ass,lol cant w8 for MW2

  6. no, everyone knows fucking soap is in it, you really think anybody is that fucking stupid, no IT IS CPT PRICE!, he is back, and for anybody else, just stay out of our NERD FIGHT! DAMMIT! xD

  7. Pfft…like today's movies aren't? It's got a good plot, the ending was a bit "eh" not so sure what happened had to reply it, but I got it eventually.

  8. In Modern Warfare 2, Lag is a very important aspect of the game, so we have a very big laggy experience online. You know, we're all about destroying our PC game, but we also like to make sure it's killed correctly. That's why we're introducing IWNET. Tired of hackers and cheats? Too bad, you can't kick them. Want smooth and fast servers? Too bad, you get what WE put you in. Don't worry though, we know what's best for you!

  9. @iLIKE2USEMYknife Dude, everyone has there own opinion, but come on. Worst game ever? That title goes to a game like "Superman 64" or "ET (on the atari 2600)".

  10. if mw3 will be the cod killer why not turn all 3 into a movie?im pretty sure alot of ppl would want to see this on the big screen i know i would ive wanted to since cod4 lol its a great game great story line that deserves its own movie.


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