Model railway took train enthusiasts five years to build – BBC News

A team of model train enthusiasts spent five years recreating Alloa Station in central Scotland, down to the finest detail.

The 34ft-long scale model was built from scratch by members of a Glasgow-based club.

More than 30 groups are part of the Association of Model Railway Societies in Scotland, which is set to hold its annual exhibition in Glasgow.

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  1. I Used to make whole Train System in the little resources I got
    At the remote area of ASSAM(INDIA) ; Where my father was a Professor .
    Whatever material I Could arrange ; it. Was the BEST accordingly .
    I ♡♡♡ my Childhood as well as
    Locomotive Engineering !

  2. People should probably be watching 'Panodrama' today. Tommy Robinson is broadcasting something very revealing on a 50 foot screen in Salford Manchester.
    Which is not good for the BBC.

  3. It’s nice to see a video about a small group of enthusiasts doing what they love, without some kind of social agenda. I couldn’t help but smile at these guys talking about their hobby. Their model is amazing too, I love the attention to detail.

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  5. you never see a model rail enthusiast with a TGV or Bullet Train set up in Ultra Modern Futuristic situations, it's always, a sledge hammer to the senses of the early 1900's the Golden Era of Railroads. Every Fantasy is Different.

  6. Did you have to account for the curvature of the earth in your model as the current train tracks are laid. Apparently London to Manchester climbs significantly uphill all the way.

  7. Shame a few people here are criticising this layout. It;s a club layout, therefore there will be elements of expertise from all who participated. I am still waiting for Rod Stewart's layout to be featured on television. However he is very private about it. He does it all on his own and his building skills are incredible. In fact he has two huge layouts, one at his home in the U.S and one in the U.K. He can also scratch build like the best. Roger Daltry is not far behind him.

  8. Excellent model and article. Such a refreshing change to give some airtime to those in the hobby who do it purely for the love of making things and promoting high standards. Through this they must have a fuller sense of personal achievement and ultimately provide a truly meaningful encounter between hobbyist and observer. More of this please, less self promotion at the expense of quality modelling.

  9. The fact it only took them 5 years to achieve that level of detail is probably more impressive. 5 years is nothing when it comes to building model railways


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