MMA Community SLAMS Khamzat Chimaev for MISSING WEIGHT! Tony Ferguson vs Nate Diaz!? UFC 279

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  1. People cry about fighter pay all the time. Everyone wants to be paid like Conor. Would Conor EVERRRRRRRR pull this shit? Conor wouldve cut off a leg to fight Aldo. Khamzat just missed out on MILLIONS and Dana will probably keep him off main events for a couple years now. Then can you imagine if Khamzat loses tomorrow? His career as the "unbeatable ultimate MMA machine" is over. He's just another dude. Like this will affect him forever. Theres two fights every 155-170 pounders wants. The conor fight or the nate fight. Both career changing/life altering fights. Khamzat had one and blew it. Conor would never sign to fight him so thats it. Whoever is in his camp needs to get their nuts crushed by meat tenderizer.

  2. This was planned by the UFC given how this was a crappy match up for the legend NATHAN DIAZ! He’s such a pro in this sport. He don’t toss dollys he talks trash and is ready when they are. I love ND and he’s all business

  3. Gane and Stipe are the only threats to JBJ. He would tear right through Francis. Well if jon wrestled the shit out of gane he would win i guess. Really stipe is the only one who has a chance at beating jon and he is up there in age. Francis doesn't have the skills to go with bones. Idc how big he is jon will land a head kick or knee eventually that would put down a mule. Francis would have to tackle him and ground and pound as soon as the bell rings to win

  4. This seems to me like it was all planned. Khamzat Vs Nate was a weird match up. Then Tony Vs Liang is booked on same card, weird match up. Khamzat misses weight and Tony happens to be on card, how convenient

  5. Light heavy weight is kinda stacked rn and don’t get much out of tht division Im ready to see jiri and Glover. But pack to current events wtf is going on this is the craziest shit I ever seen out of the fight game. If they pull off changing fights like trying to it will be just a historical crazy event. Tony vs Diaz be cool too and Kevin vs khamzat I wouldn’t be mad bout that. Khamzat showed his true colors this time and honestly dude kinda sucks. Can’t handle to fame or whatever you wanna call it. Acting like a chap saying he gangster in every interview. We never heard Diaz say he was gangster except that one time for the masvidal thing he doesn’t just go around saying that dude looking lame af. That khabib girl is a legend lol truth always comes out

  6. Nate vs Ferguson would be sick as fck.
    Holland vs khamzqt is nice
    But he did that shit on purpose for UFC higher ups
    A catch weight fight means it don't effect his record in the division if a loss happens 😂

  7. I feel like all of khamzats behaviors as of the last month or so have been annoying me so this is that final nail that makes me feel like I don't respect this guy much. Lame stuff like him beefing with every one doesn't seem like strategic publicity but lack of discipline and the same goes for missing weight. Same with not listening to your corner. He has bad habits and an ego problem if you ask me.

  8. I am glad that that Russian kid missed weight I didn't want to see that fucker fight anyway and then you'll pour me a has so much Russian money up his booty and intentions of his booty they can't even think straight he's wrong about Tony

  9. FINALLY. I just hope they gave Nate a bigger heads up of the possibility of fighting Tony. I saw in an interview that Nate gave up on preparing for the fight with Khamzat. His heart wasn’t fully in it because Khamzat is a newer guy. Nate and Tony is what it should have been before.

  10. Wow I was hyped for this and had money on this, I got refunded but still 😡. Everyone that betted on Diaz to win, Should be paid out for dumbass being irresponsible not making weight.

  11. Freakin till is ruining khamzat. Got him all into the drama and media/ social media bs now trying to cause all kinds of problems trying to act tough but just looking like a goon 🤦‍♂️

  12. This card is 10000000x better now kinda sucks i needed both Nate AND Tony to win this card but this is a fight both these guys deserve and us as fans too the nate vs Cumshot was just too much tbh

  13. Much better card. Nate Diaz saved this ppv. Without him this is a free fight card. Khamzat vs Holland does not sell, and Tony vs whoever he was fighting is a prelim fight on normal card. Diaz saved this card

  14. It was all fixed, Dana didn’t want the heat from Nate getting really hurt by Khamzat we all know that would’ve happened. Coincidence everyone now fighting just accepts it. Not one person disputing it. Nate going into the weigh in looking happier than he has since the original fight was announced! Fake fights “behind the scenes” yesterday. Nah, this is all fixed but I’m happy, the fights make way more sense now! Everyone’s wanted Nate v Tony forever!

  15. "Now diaz is talking shit" haha I swear everytime someone doesn't mention Jon as the goat he gets salty. All Nate did was say he's out of the goat topic because he uses steroids. Simple facts.


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