Mission of Honor

Mission of Honor tells the story of polish pilots who found themselves fighting for the freedom of their own country in foreign skies. Seen through the eyes of Jan Zumbach (Iwan Rheon), fighter ace and adventurer, it tells how these brave pilots, driven across Europe by the German war machine, finally made their last stand. Flying Hurricanes for the RAF over Britain, they became a key component in the legend of ‘The Few’. Up against the might of the Luftwaffe they hoped that, by saving Great Britain from Nazi invasion, they were keeping the dream of a free Poland alive. In the lethal melee above England in that summer of 1940, they fought with a tenacity and skill that earned them the admiration of the whole British nation. The dogfights against superior planes cost some of the men their lives. The constant strain of gladiatorial combat took away the sanity of others. But, as Zumbach discovers as the war stutters to a close, becoming the best in the RAF is a hollow victory for the Poles. This powerful and gripping WWII RAF story is directed by David Blair (The Messenger, Away, Accused) and includes an impressive ensemble cast including Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones, Marvel’s Inhumans), Milo Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge), Stefanie Martini (Crooked House, Prime Suspect 1973), Krystof Hadek (Under the Skin, Dark Blue World) and Marcin Dorocinski (Pitbull Anthropoid).

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  1. It is crazy how little history we know. The allied forces chose terrible options to appease Stalin and now we are doing the same with China. Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.

  2. Good acting and great dialogue. The action and dogfights in CGI really could have used an actual fighter pilot as technical advisor. There was lot of super quick edits and lack of informing the viewer of what was happening and where planes were in relation to each other. But for a low budget movie it is really good and captures that 1940s blitz era in England well. Recommended WWII fighter pilot film.

  3. The Polish RAF had a German plane kill rate twice as high as the rest of the RAF. They saved the day in the Battle of Britain. The Poles First to fight. The Poles in Italy took Monte Casino after many earlier assaults failed on the Nazi mountain bastion. This opened the way for Allied forces into the south of Europe. Polish tank companies smashed Nazi tanks in Northern Europe after D-Day. We owe the Poles much for their efforts to kill Nazis. We treated them very poorly after the war. It is our shame for treating a heroic ally so badly.

  4. Every other word was GD this and that. There were many good Christians in WWII and they would NOT be G DAMING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN THEIR EVERYDAY LANGUAGE! My father never did and all his siblings in the war would never ! I honestly believe this is to change history to give credibility to blaspheming a generation of mostly virtuous young true Christian believers who were well aware of the existence of God His protection and His presence because they were inspired knowing without any doubt that God was with them to victory WHY WOULD THEY BE BLASPHEMING GOD THEN?


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