Minimally Invasive Treatment for Liver Cancer | Sid Padia, MD | UCLAMDChat

UCLA interventional radiologist Sid Padia, MD, gives an overview of liver cancer and several minimally invasive treatment options such as ablation, chemoembolization, and Y90 radioembolization. Learn more:

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  1. My mom has advanced liver cancer (HCC) brought on by Hepatitis C. She was given this as an option, but she's very weak right now. Should I tell her to give this a shot as far as life extension? She has much fluid in her abdomen, they have already drawn 2.5L of fluid from her. She is of the mindset of giving up, but the oncologist we saw did not give as much information about the Y-90 as you did sir. Perhaps there is a chance? The initial location of the tumor was close to her duodenum, so they were afraid to try and burn it out a year ago. Any advice would be great

  2. The treatment has been around for over 10 years in China. It is relative safe, cheaper, less invasive and effective. Hope the treatment method can be available in most of the hospitals in the world.

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  4. I had breast cancer in 1998. Metastasized to my bones in 2013. Now it is in my liver. Since this is currently incurable, how could this help?
    All the hormone chemotherapy meds and shots have quit working.

  5. Too cool, just too cool. I had one Y90 treatment for HCC in 2014. Took less than an hour, no pain or discomfort, no side effects. Took about an hour. Worked like a charm. Got transplanted a few months later and have been in great health for 5 years now. These docs are brilliant. The stuff they do is more like science fiction but it is real. Modern medicine is very impressive.

  6. Congratulations to Dr. Padia et al for putting together a brilliant video presentation which covers most liver-tumor patient's questions. I recently received a TACE procedure for a liver tumor approx 1 inch in size and I am encouraged by Dr. Padia's survival chart which states I may have a 74% chance of total tumor kill with a TACE procedure, but also that the TACE procedure can be repeated in a year forward. A WARNING to people on Medicare. A TACE procedure involves an overnight stay in the hospital and it carries a jolt in the wallet. You are not being admitted into the hospital as an inpatient, you are being admitted as an outpatient there for "observation", therefore not covered by insurance. Even if you have a secondary medigap insurance Plan F, you will still get charged for 20% of all charges incurred while in the hospital. It's a nasty surprise of many thousands of dollars owed. To me it's worth it if TACE gives me a few more years of life, but it's still blatant highway robbery, and surprisingly, Medicare is the culprit.

  7. What if the tumor is close to the heart and they want to micro the tumor can the do it with out heating the heart too can they put something between the heart and tumor.

  8. Dr. Padia you gave a brilliant and fully informative rundown on all the various treatments. You presented them in a way as to give us hope and a chance to have treatment that is not mid-evil like the first cancer treatments of the past. Thank You and God Bless

  9. My dad did the tace procedure twice in 3 yrs which was fine, and now they tried the tace and microwave and my dad now is in icu with a liver infection and dr says hes not gonna make it.

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  11. Dr. Sid, is there a way to contact you via email. I am a II year radiology resident working from Fundacion Cardioinfantil in Bogotá, Colombia. I am going out on a limb but I would like to discuss and contact you regarding percutaneous microwave ablation therapy. Thank you in advance.

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  14. Chemotherapy and RFA is no cure any tumors or cancer , it just the business don't believe any of them , just ask the patients who did this procedure , no any benefits without side effects , they are killing the peoples

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  17. Very well presentation…
    I am Surgical Specialist from Pakistan , my brother 50 yrs of age with no known comorbidity has got infiltrative Hcc with potal vein tumor thrombosis. His viral maekers HEP B and C are negative. Alpha Feto protein is 1040. LFTS with all other base line are unremarkable.
    I discussed here with liver transplant team two times.They advised Tab Surafinib with minimal hope…
    Kindly advise the best treatment option…..Waiting for your reply

  18. My doctor in Canada told me they can't do chemoembolization cause it is too large. I have a 6cm and a 2cm tumor. If anyone know where I can get help please, let me know.

  19. my husband has a liver metastasis its originated rectal…he tried interventional chemo 9 cycles and radiontheraphy 29 sessions and after radiontheraphy the cancer metastasis to liver…the doctor did microablation but there's multiple cancer on his liver …we transfer another hospital and they did chemotherapy plus immunotherapy doctors said the cancer is controlled but time will come the cancer will resist the treatment so in other words the chinesedoctors gave up…and i did research and found this technology….is it good for my husband?

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