Minecraft: The Man Who Built Westeros | TIME

The continent of Westeros is home to ‘Game of Thrones’ and now exists in the virtual world of Minecraft. Meet Jacob Granberry, the artist behind the epic build.
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Minecraft: The Man Who Built Westeros | TIME

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Comment (193)

  1. It's not exactly incorrect, but the idea behind it is insanely idiotic. People who do "great" projects that take a ton of time, are usually those who are above the teenage age, mature and knows how to go socially. The "virgin" term in relation to gamers is one of the worst things in the gaming community, because it in 99/100 cases denounces said person for no good reason and on wrong grounds.

  2. I'm really impressed and everything but you'd think after doing something so involved in the series that he'd be able to pronounce Westeros correctly.

  3. Actually, there is from the gameofthrones wikia:
    "According to the TV series official pronunciation guide developed for the cast and crew, "Westeros" is pronounced "WES-te-ros", as opposed to "WES-ter-ohs", etc."

  4. I am sure someone in the world pronounces it nothing near the spelling so let 'Pizza in a cup' be… Southern US citizens pronounce words very (emphasis on very) differently than their northern counterparts… Further than that… different form their far northern counterparts in Canada… Don't judge. "Those who judge, shall be judged"

  5. Commenting on the wrong guy man. But still, I have to say the TV series is definitely not something I would base pronunciation on. If you can tell me George Martin pronounces it like that, perhaps.

  6. How do you know this? I've read the books, listened to the audiobooks and watched the series. He says it wrong believe me. I'm not here to troll him

  7. only real problem with minecraft is that besides building… it has no real gameplay… so maps like that just become somethign u wanan check out from a fara nd few things up close and u get bored. No real interactivity with anything.

  8. Can't help but notice that TIME Magazine blurred out the name of Machinima in the bottom left, but said "Courtesy HBO" on the GoT trailer. That's unethical journalism, and it's inconsiderate to the content hosts. Way to quote a paying studio but not a small group.

  9. Because they are both copyrighted works. Maybe Machinima didn't give permission to use their logo in the video. It isn't unethical journalism, it just fucking makes sense if you bother to take more than 4 seconds to think about it.

  10. "This is my wife Jenny"
    Boom! A slap in the face of the "duh, you're a virgin" ass-hats!

    Fantastic map, and while some would say waste of time: Fucking good use of time mate!

  11. Christ this is agitating… I mean, props to him for building this, that takes some serious dedication, but it's the little things. Like, for example, his pronunciation of "Westeros", or the Great Sept having 8 spires, instead of its actual 7. But regardless, that's some great work.

  12. Okay so his hobbie is verging on an obsession. That doesnt make it any less of an achievement. Isnt it better to be doing this than wasting countless hours and hours on the internet reloading pages on things you are only slightly interested in? Fair play to everyone on that team.

  13. Não sei muito dos hábitos de vida dele… Mas se você como eu e ele dedica um tempo em jogos, lendo ou assistindo séries, não deixa de fazer um bom exercício físico, ir à rua observar as coisas pelo bem de sua visão, e não deixe de se socializar e arcar com responsabilidade.

    Feito isso, está tudo bem por mim se você quiser dar umas 4~5 horas jogando ou o que for.

  14. So this guy is responsible for that Westeros server? This little guy? Well, then I guess a thank you is in order. Dude, thank you for creating one of the greatest maps and one of the most fascinating game spaces ever made.

  15. Lmao jealous people calling him a virgin. Although the way he pronounces Westeros is making me uncomfortabe props to the hardwork he has put on building the world damn thing is beautiful. Give him a big cookie.


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