Minecraft: Console Edition 1.8.8 feature trailer

We’ve just updated Minecraft for PlayStation and Xbox to version 1.8.8, which includes loads of new features. This trailer shows off some of our favourites.

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  1. cuando juego minecraft me siento como mas relajado olvido todos mis problemas gracias mojang por crear este marabilloso juego

  2. Mak for the next update mob spawners/money/posybel to make own skin and weapon and bloks/more dragons and komand blok for Xbox ps4 ps3 edition poker pls. ;( :/ :€.

  3. please remove the hit delay! Everyone HATE the delay and everyone wants that it got removed please Mojang remove it! I kniw you dont listen because yiu grt the monay and are happy but listen to the players!

  4. all I want are shields I'm alright if they dont add the other things I get if if they don't add anything because theres not enough buttons for stuff like swapping things around (the F key for PC edition) so… OK bai

  5. In the next update can you guys please add destructive weather like tornados,hurricanes,tsunamis and stuff like that?!! I've been wanting that ever since I've even heard of Minecraft. That would be the best thing about Minecraft if you guys added it.

    I know you guys might be saying "Just get the mod!" Well what if we are on Xbox or pocket edition? And what if our computers wouldn't let us download it? Then what should we do?

    Please add destructive weather for all devices please.

    Thank You.

  6. For pc gamers out there: Dont you realize that you are calling everyone a slave who is not a pc gamer. Peasant means slave. Its like you are saying the n word for people who are black.

  7. I have minecraft on playstation from when i was 6 when i was 10 i started wondering what version do we have now im 12 and still haven’t found the anwser 😂


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