Mike Rashid Incline bench progression/ Drop set…

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This is a typical progression for my 1st lift of a body part… This was Chest day… I usually build up to a 1 to 3 rep max, (not being conservative in reps building up).. and I’ll either pyramid down, or do a drop set to finish… So my principle are as followed… Build up to a heavy weight for as many reps as possible (for CNS conditioning, & strength).. Then drop down increasing volume (for size, you need reps.. forcing oxygen and blood to the muscles, forcing cells to expand, hence larger muscles….

1st set (not shown) 135 x 15
2nd 225X10
3rd 315X8
4th 405X2
5, drop set 365, 315, 225, 135 all max reps….

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About Mike Rashid:
Mike Rashid King is a professional boxer, entrepreneur, fitness & lifestyle enthusiast.
He began boxing as an amateur at age 12, and stopped at age 21. Picked up the sport again in 2017, and turned pro as a heavyweight a year later in 2018.
Mike has also competed as a power lifter, and played many sports over the years.
Mike is into optimizing his life, by means of stressing the body and mind, and learning to deal with the stress properly.He meditates, trains, and uses the sauna daily.
Mike runs numerous companies, The Ambrosia Collectiveambrosia.mikerashid.com
Snack House Foods
And is a partner with Trifecta
(The fastest growing meal delivery service in America)
He also runs a very successful online training business and a 30 day transformation challenge monthly in which he helps people get in the best shape of their lives: Mikerashid.com

Mike considers himself to be a ‘conscience capitalist’
His business ventures are not directly associated with how much money he can make— what motivates him is how he can make a long term difference in others lives and within society.

Mike Rashid Incline bench progression/ Drop set…
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZf2zmi91Ns />
Mike Rashid

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Comment (191)

  1. Dude this picture does you way more justice. Way to take criticism and show a level of maturity greater than my own. Your body is a testament to your mind. This is way better and shows something more instead of sex. Like I had said, save that other one for the lady's. This is what dudes want to see. Inspiring.

  2. thanks..you are probably right sometimes i dont think about these things u know..i am only 20 years old i started at 13 lift weights and i was allready 180lbs bodyweight when i was 13-14

  3. ok so really you get the best of both worlds with this i mean you get strength and bodybuilding… Can you do this for each body part?? Do you do this for each exercise also??

  4. u're right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. btw!but ye Do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. you can watch out here bit.ly/12vCfxB?=bdjom

  5. Dude ur a beast 405 on the incline, I need a workout partner, but everybody i workout with quit on me so I am stuck working out alone so its hard for me to move up like I want to. but thanks for vids Mike

  6. Good job Mike. Serious question though. CT Fletcher's advice of when lifting heavy he says for safety measures one should wrap their thumb around the bar. My question is why dont you wrap your thumb around the bar? When I lift I feel safer and feel I can lift heavier with my thumb wrapped around the bar. What's your take on this?

  7. Damitt, dropping the weight from 405 to 135! How many rounds do you do Mike? You did 5 drop sets.. how many times do you repeat that for that specific exercise?! You'll do wonders for me by answer to this you have no idea!! Thanks fella!! Keep pumping!

  8. From what i know and have seen over my entire life of powerlifting and amateur bodybuilding is that, he is more than likely on steroids. I don't know many people that can rep 405 incline.

  9. Why did started your chest train with the upper chest instead of a hrardcore flat bench press? im guessing there is a reason for it like if you want to focus on the upper chest and use you first strength for it?

  10. i notice you use the 'suicide' grip mike. when benching this way i feel i can push out more reps and lift more weight but was given a bit of stick for using it so have changed to a closed grip but now feel strain in the wrists sometimes which i feel could be related have i made a mistake in changing what was working for me?

  11. a drop set is when you start at a heavy weight and after each set you take off some weight and you go again and again increasing ur reps each set till u burn out. only for the spartans

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