Microsoft Has A Lot Riding On Its Xbox E3 2021 Show | Paul Tassi | Forbes

We are approaching E3 2021, an all-digital event, but one that at least exists this year after being cancelled last year completely due to the pandemic. Some publishers aren’t showing up and doing their own thing, which is not unusual, both others like Microsoft try to use E3 as a big stage to dominate headlines for not just the week, but often for the rest of the year.

With Sony not attending E3 anymore, virtually or otherwise, Microsoft has used it as a big Xbox showcase with great success the past few years in particular. Though this time around, there’s a lot riding on the 2021 show.

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Comment (59)

  1. There is nothing to win or lose at E3. It's kind of meaningless in term of Microsoft profit. They can even skip E3 as long as their release timeline stay the same and make those announcement later.

  2. Xbox needs to actually deliver on the promises they've been making for years down. Not just for their own sake, but for Sony's too. The Xbox 360's success is why Sony worked so hard to bounce back when their initial PS3 launch was lacklustre and why the PS4 reigned supreme. If the competition fails to be competitive then Sony could get complacent and not put the effort into the games we love them for.

  3. say what u will at least xbox, before covid hit, was still doing live press conferences at e3. like nintendo does directs and sony i think is doing their own thing. xbox at least shows up and puts on a show for the fans. it would of been easy for xbox to no longer do live press conferences after the xbox one reveal, but nope they showed up…took it on the chin and kept going.

  4. cant wait to see the same disappointment from the xbots again. its hilarious, that bethesda's IPs will quite possibly be xbox's best showing, but they had to buy them. they didnt co-develop these IPs, or had anything to do with any of it besides acquiring Bethesda. to suggest Xbox is competent in managing any of these entities enough for these entities to develop great games, still remains to be seen.

  5. Microsoft really doesn’t need to prove much they’ve had an absolute turn around in both press and public opinion. Continuously XB has shown positive standing with their decisions. All they need to prove is they’re developing quality triple A games outside Forza,Halo, Gears and I feel like that’s a guarantee this E3.

    Atleast Microsoft attends E3. Sony has to have their mediocre lame as usual State Of Play. No thanks.

  6. I’m 99 percent sure this will be another horrible Xbox show. Most of the bangers they have probably won’t be there. We will probably get a few indies and AA games, a few more back compat games added, a few mor additions to gamepass and a video trying to redeem halo infinite.

  7. Now the only thing can actually make mxsoft stand out for real is just a massive AAA blockbuster esclusive game single player story driven like quantum brake but on steroids which could actually make the difference. Coz yes mxsft owns Bethesda but she is still independent and all her title will still be seeing as Bethesda games. Otherwise people will just see all those founds just spent in sake of pure profit gain( yes it is actually that tho) and not as big game changing type of thing

    Maybe a new mind blowing alan wake, or a new mechanic action rpg spin off of gear series( the 5 was quite bland)

  8. Big props to Microsoft for being the anchor that keeps E3 relevant for us and for all the smaller game developers that use E3 to showcase what they got!

  9. forbes really dont "get it" when it comes to gaming…. and theyre ridiculously biased.
    Their latest information is "xbox series only exclusive coming to ps5" aka the medium.
    However they didnt mention that on the very same day it was announced ps exclusive oddworld soulstorm is going to xbox. Also they made a big deal last year about xbox exclusives being on pc….. However as we can all see…. Playstation is doing exactly the same thing.


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