Miami is Hotter Than Ever

At the intersection of the Americas, Miami has exploded into a cultural powerhouse in recent decades. To experience the best of Miami, venture beyond the beach and explore these three hotspots on the mainland.

Video by Raymond Schillinger.

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Comment (230)

  1. Brickell City Center
    FROST Science Museum
    Miami Marine Stadium
    Deering Estate
    Perez Art Museum
    Cocoplum Coral Gables (ask nicely they’ll let you in)

    Just to name a few. 🙂

  2. It's apparent that the narrator doesn't live and hasn't spent more than a few days in Miami. I was there in June for Father's Day and it was absolutely awful. Temps in the 90s, humidity in the mid 90s, and felt over 106℉ / 40℃. Now try running errands in that weather. As soon as you take a shower you are sweating inside your air conditioned hotel room or apartment. La calle 8 is just Cuban trash (with all due respect). Every time it rains it floods, that is from June until November. Any area close to the Atlantic Ocean becomes part of the ocean during plea mar. A lot of people in South Florida are really rude, you'd think that they would be more tourist friendly since the main industry there is tourism. Then, he didn't talk about the relationship between all the different groups of people living there. The locals hate the New Yorkers because they are the rude ones. The Cubans don't like any of the newer latin arrivals. Latinos and blacks don't get along either. The jewish don't like the latinos. And, at the bottom are the Haitians that are generally disliked and bossed around by everybody. If you thought that the November MidTerm elections were a mess, you haven't spent enough time there. But, nice video.

  3. Miami is ok to visit but is populated by the worst human beings in the world. The level of self entitlement in south Florida is insane, just a level below L.A. driving in Miami is a cluster fuck nightmare. The only good thing about south Florida are the Florida Keys. Wynnwood is amazing though but don’t be fooled. This place is the upside down. #stayawayfrommiami

  4. This video is bullshit, I’ve lived in Miami for 10 years and it’s awful. The people are rude and cancerous, the traffic is shit. I really don’t recommend this city to anyone. The only people that will tell you they like Miami is the immigrants that don’t know any better.

  5. Miami is hotter than ever? Whoever made this must not have ever been to Miami before 2000. Today's Miami has become more family friendly and the party scene has really toned down. South Beach back in the day was the shit! You can still party nice in Miami (Brickell wasn't even mentioned) but you can't go hard like it was back in the day.
    The food scene in Miami is hotter and more diverse than ever! Shout out to Pinch Kitchen!

  6. I live in Miami and I can tell you first hand this place sucks. Everything is too expensive and the people are rude a d fake as fuck. All attractions are overrated

  7. Why do people always shit on south beach I agree to leave when you visit and see the other areas but it's something to experience and it's very convenient to stay on south beach it's three strips never sleep and that level of decadence is everything


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