Mercedes-Benz TV: Nico Rosberg explains the driver’s seat in the Silver Arrow.

Did you know that Formula 1 drivers steer their vehicles in an almost prone position, that they see almost nothing because of the steering wheel and need to make a number of seating compromises? Watch and see what the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS driver, Nico Rosberg, has to say about his workplace in the Silver Arrow.

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  1. Youtube:

    2020: Hey, do you want to see retired f1pilot Nico Rosberg explain his seating position?

  2. Crazy! It's seriously awesome. Compare this with the Online driving, and, no, not even possible. I am stunned by the talent of Hamilton and the others!

  3. The more I delve into what it takes to be an F1 driver the more I realise just how talented these guys/girls are (yes I included Lance Stroll).

    Imagine driving a car that can go 300 KPH, while laying down, having insanely limited vision and not to mention all the other cars driving around you.

    Oh yeah and every second you drive is filmed and recorded by computers so it can be scrutinized by your team, the ever growing media AND us second guessing, mostly no nothing, fans.

  4. Am i the only one who is seeing that Nico is too low!!! He cant see anything !!! He cant see past the steering wheel.. he has an onboard camera? Check lewis . His much higher 😂😂😂😂 thats all Capp

  5. I wanted to be in a submarine but that didn't work. I was too tall with a 1'94cm. I wanted to be in a tank but that didn't work. I was too tall. I wanted to be in a F1 car but that didn't work. because i was too tall. Now I complain at the height of the cooking area to help people cook for people who are not able to do it themselves!

  6. I would far rather 'sit' in a race vehicle like they did in the XP-79. I've been working on an electric race
    motorcycle that sits in the XP-79 position, and can mechanically flip to a recumbent position, like a transformer.

  7. Вероятно, не самая удобна поза. Возможно, имеет некоторый смысл подумать о комфорте пилотов, включая наличие кондиционера и системы вентиляции.

  8. If the driver is already stressed out in seating , cant see clearly on the track , has to lean up his head most of the times then definately you will lose the race .


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