Mercedes-Benz Pilot Project | Automated Ridesharing Service

Mercedes-Benz and Bosch, together with San José, start an interesting pilot project for an automated ridesharing service. Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here: />
Bosch and Mercedes-Benz hope the pilot automated ridesharing project will provide additional insights for the development of automated driving. The automated S-Class vehicles, which are equipped with the drive system and software from Bosch and Mercedes-Benz, offer a shuttle service between West San José and the city centre. The Daimler Mobility AG fleet platform allows ridesharing partners to seamlessly integrate self-driving vehicles into their service portfolio. The city of San José contributes its urban infrastructure to the pilot project in order to enhance safety, environmental impact and traffic flows.

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  1. Imao I’ve been reading the replies of the Mercedes channel to the users and god they’re damn hilarious😂 By the way u can add autonomous units to the cars but— Nothing matches the real taste of flooring the gas pedal of an E350 cdi with the 4matic engaged in my eyes👊🏻

  2. People have no problem driving the car themselves, but it is still a good feature to have. I believe more focus must be towards electric cars than autonomous driving. 😀

  3. Liebes Mercedes-Team, könntet ihr nicht mal einen Chauffeur-Service erfinden? Ich erkläre es kurz: Ich hab mal wieder am Arsch der Welt geparkt und hab nun keinen Bock, mit Sack und Pack da hinzulaufen. Könnte ich nicht per App das Auto aktivieren, damit es im Schritttempo vor meine Haustür fährt? Sein Auto einfach rufen können, das wäre mal einfach der Hammer. Ich find ja schon das Einparken bzw. Ausparken per App geil. Aber son Ruf-Auto wäre mal richtig monster. Und jetzt kommt mir nicht mit "Taxi". Für 500-1.000 Meter ruf ich kein Taxi.

  4. The Lidar approach is in my opinion a big mistake. We "humans" do not need laser beams to estimate distances and shapes, and the same should also go for the self driving system.
    The autopilot should be able to do what we are able to do just based on cameras. You will need for that sophisticated AI based HW / SW capabilities an a lot of training hours.
    getting rid of Lidar will also decrease system complexity, latency, weight, expensive equipments, and also the risk that something may fail.
    Tesla went into this approach and I guess they do have a good point of view.

  5. California is trash ,it is The united States without California ..
    I know and I lived my whole life in LA
    99% trash 
    0.01% beauty
    0.09% beauty because there is a mercedes-benz


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