Mercedes-Benz Museum – Reopening

The Mercedes-Benz Museum opened its doors to the public again. But it had a special flying visitor beforehand. Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here: />
Initially visits are only possible from Friday to Sunday. The Museum will continue to remain closed from Monday to Thursday. Reopening proceeds in accordance with officially prescribed hygiene rules. These include measures to maintain a minimum distance of at least 1.5 metres between individuals, rules on sneezing and coughing etiquette and restrictions on the number of visitors. In addition, it is compulsory to wear face masks when visiting the Museum (also applies to children from the age of six). See you in Stuttgart, Germany!

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  1. My favourite car brand shows off its colours by antiques which are pricless and I bet the pilot of the drone is an outstanding lover of mercedes.

  2. I'm in my black Benz
    Doin' cocaine with my black friends
    Uh, we'll be high as hell before the night ends, yeah
    Oh, we'll be high before the night ends
    Before the night ends
    Switch up to the white Benz
    Doin' Codeine with my white friends
    Uh, we'll be high as hell before the night ends (yeah)
    Before the night ends (woah)
    Before the night begins

  3. Wer findet auch mercedes und insgesamt deutsche automarken sollen nicht so extrem viele extras anbieten die halb so viel wie das ganze auto kosten sondern iwie 3 modelle mit verschiedener ausstattung basic advanced high end oder iwie bisschen bessere basisausstattung iwie so wie in amerika

  4. Mega cooles Video, wie auch einer der Vorredner würde ich mir ebenfalls ein "making of" Video wünschen. Hier waren absolute Profis am Werk, so gut würde ich auch gerne Drohne fliegen können, hätte jedoch vermutlich zuviel Respekt vor den kostbaren Exponaten.

  5. As a Hongkonger, it would be a dream to see one of the double-decker versions of the O305 buses in the Museum. It was a legend in Hong Kong bus history as it is the first non-British/Commonwealth buses that come into services. Legend even says that it is the first bus in Hong Kong that has been caught by a speed camera.

  6. you know you're doing something right when I have to question if it was CG a few times. Awesome editing awesome camera work…. I've watched hours and hours of this type of video media for advertising. Can you please tell me the name of company or artist that did the video and editing work?


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