Mercedes-Benz Museum – A Girl Called Mercedes

The short film, which lasts around two minutes, invites the viewer to see the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand in a new dimension. Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here: />
The stars of the short film include the inventors of the automobile Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler along with two female protagonists: Bertha Benz, who made the world’s first long-distance car journey with her sons in 1888, and Mercédès Jellinek, who gave her name to Daimler’s car brand in 1902.

This stop-motion animation was made by three students from the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design – Annarita Matuschka, Eduard Losing and Dirk Michael Flach – plus Stefan Heller, a freelance artist and animated film maker.

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  1. My favourite car brand ever: Mercedes-Benz. ❤ Mercedes is a beautiful name. I would name my daughter Mercedes, even though I drive a Mercedes. ❤ That would be nice. 🤗

  2. Even though the story in this video was just a brief story, but this has made me already excited before I really being there at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

    Wondering what it would really feels like if I'm there, totally "STARstrucked" maybe. 🤩

  3. Actually I was taught this story in childhood that she was the first person to drive such far but I just ignored it and now it seems real. So now I can't forget it at all bocz it's Mercedes Benz ❤️

  4. I now have the lastest 2020 B200 CDi AMG with all the gadgets, truly amazing how far we have come, approaching 80 MPG and almost silent engine with 8 Gears, on the right roads you are truly on a magic carpet. I have owned many Mercedes during my lifetime, 190, 190e, 230, 450SLC, 280SE, 420SE, 190C, B200CDI (245) B200(W246) and the latest and greatest W247 B200CDi Hatchback – they are all great cars and the only problems have been 'Wiper Failure' on 420SE Fixed Free of charge, and rear LED Number Plate LED Light B200 (W246) fixed myself in less than a minute for £12.99. They retain value I have found far above any other make, and in fact have in the past actually 'made a profit' on some.

  5. I love Mercedes since I was a kid. Then i didn't even know anything about cars, but I was astonished by my neighbours black w140 and hypnotized by the large star on it's bonnet. I dreamt about that car every night. Today I study mechanical engineering and drive a Mercedes (not a w140 unfortunately). Ahh the memories😌

  6. Great job. So lovley. Thank you team. So proud of you ❤️

    Wunderschönen Arbeit. So lieb. Ich danke euch liebe Team. So stolz auf euch❤️

    Ein Stern 🌟 der strahlt für immer


  7. hey because they don't use boxer motors in their cars to make them sportier and more aerodynamic since they are supposed to have been invented by you 💪🏼

  8. Actually I didn't know the whole story I know that Mercedes is named after her daughter but didn't know that Daimler and benz together formed it I thought this whole is a single person's creation and owned by daimler


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