Mercedes-Benz MAGIC BODY CONTROL | S-Class

A clever combination of sensors and suspension adaptation transforms the Mercedes-Benz S-Class into a “flying carpet”: MAGIC BODY CONTROL. See here how it works! Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube: />
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* The data do not relate to a specific vehicle and are not part of the specification, but are merely for the purpose of comparing different vehicle types. The figures are provided in accordance with the German regulation “PKW-EnVKV” and apply to the German market only.

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Comment (325)

  1. How did it happen that Mercedes had a self driving car in the 1995!! that drove something like 1600km on it's own and now you drive over bumps more smoothly?

  2. To all the whiners saying that Bose developed a similar system – It never left testing, and was unreliable as hell. Moreover it did not predict, but merely reacted super fast.

    To all the ladies, gentlemen et al who already mentioned the above poinsts – EXACTLY.

  3. Yes bose did this but literally that’s a magnet which is highly expensive and impractical in the sense of if you ran over a negative magnet. Your car will bunny hop over it which is near most red lights on turning left. No thanks.

  4. I took a look at the car configurator for the s560 4matic but didn't see any option for magic body control. Is it now considered as standard or is it no longer offered by Mercedes-Benz?

  5. Oh My God Really Top of the Top and We respect you so much because you are the best in the world but we need and wish Really best big Muscles on the sides of body and on the bonnet next generation soon

  6. how can i install magic body control do i send it to MB and they add it or how do i do it how do i Get magic body control on a s class that dosent have MBC the s class is 2016

  7. This is Electromagnetic active suspension created by Bose. Mercedes failed in making this magic carpet suspension system. Now they should feel ashamed for using their Mercedes brand name for this suspension. This suspension is the output of hard 25 years effort by Bose and his team.

  8. Too bad you can't get this technology on the V8 S-Class coupe in the US since they mandate 4MATIC on all S550 coupes for the US market. Stupid. It would be great if they produces an S600 coupe too.

  9. hello mercedes bmw audi there is an invention called ''electromagnetic suspension'' which is smoother than this and everything other for that matter and the reason they didnt use it was that(as they said at least) ''it was too heavy and expensive'' and from when did rolls royce and bentley care for too heavy and expensive? last time i checked rolls royce moved around by rotating earth around and costed more than a fucking jet


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