Mercedes-Benz G-Class (2020): A Day in Oaxaca

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  1. As an artist I can say creativity works the best on an empty stomach haha Like Bukowski said you have to starve for your art.. However the design is very beautiful just like the entire video.

  2. I'm half mexican and have never that mexico exept on vaccation…. prolly has sth to d with the fact tht both my mexican and american families are rich…… cool vid tho

  3. OMG vibren súper alto amiguitos disfrutando por los cielos nuestras raíces. Los Oaxaqueños son súper friendly y son MEGA ecofriendly and they are like super humble.
    Thanks Mercedes for embracing our culture. These are the moments we're able to get to know cultures around the world while staying at home. I recommend you guys try the many varieties of "mole" they are sweet and spicy.
    I hope one day I get to experience the fullness of this beautiful vehicle.
    Remember guys stay home and be safe.

  4. My dream car. One of the most iconic vehicles to ever exist. I really hope Mercedes continues to produce and invest in this living icon for many years to come.


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