Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018: World Premiere Trailer

The new Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018 pioneers the new design idiom of Mercedes-Benz, which is recognisable by its clear contours and reduced lines. The character of the Mercedes-Benz CLS is marked by a grille contour that widens towards the base and a forward-slanting front section. Other features include wide, low-set headlamps and two-section tail lights. At the same time the design reflects the timeless aura of the first CLS, which founded a new segment and quickly became a design icon.

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Like its predecessors, the new Mercedes-Benz CLS (2018) exudes self-assured sportiness in exemplary style: a highly emotive vehicle offering impressive long-distance and acoustic comfort coupled with thrilling, unrivalled technology.

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  1. Ive always loved cls from the very start this one is just on another level. I like how u guyz keep the shape unique to some models especially the Cls. Absolutely incredible

  2. عندي فكره تخلي سيارتكم مفيدة لمنع الحوادث تخلو في كميرات لرصد حالة السائق إذا كان متعاطي أو نايم
    وتخلو في تحكم اوتامتيكي لهذه الحالات

  3. Do not buy a Mercedes car brand! Very low reliability. I drove a car with just 50,000 km. I use my car very accurately and carefully. and the motor required expensive repairs to replace the chain, couplings, krushek, nyatyazhitelya. The alarm lamp – Check-Engine. I saw the malfunction of the P034062 engine. The sensor of provision of an inlet cam-shaft (the first number of cylinders) has electric malfunction. And this malfunction is massive after the expiration of the warranty period. All motors require engine repair up to 100,000 km. The manufacturer refuses to recognize the defect.

  4. I get the new design philosophy but it just looks little short and unresolved. It lacks freshness. I must say I do miss the VOLUPTUOUS second gen CLS. The shooting brake. The best ever.

  5. Der hasslichste CLS. Die beiden Vorgängergenerationen sind um längen schöner.
    Allgemein muss ich als Mercedes Fan feststellen, dass die Fahrzeuge von Mercedes immer hässlicher werden

  6. Am a big fan of Mercedes, but this car is a real mess, u r totally begun to lose ur identity, this car doesn't look like a Mercedes, changing the front grill shape is a mistake in addition, the headlight are so familiar and the tail light are nothing, please try to not get any inspiration from this design to the other models u have to stay unique, goodluck

  7. I find it the decision to release the CLS class without MBUX a month before the A class with MBUX quite confusing. Is it possible to upgrade to MBUX in the CLS ?

  8. I like this car, but not with those matte black color and the stupid rims!! It really makes the car look too cheap…
    Actually saw one of those with different rims and metallic red color, and it changes the impression by a lot.
    Who TF thought this color and the rim would fit this car?

  9. The pest from Audi, who works now at Daimler design department is ruining the design style of Mercedes. Let him go to BMW to do harm there.


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