Mercedes-Benz 300 d: “Only Original Once” – Mercedes-Benz original

One of approximately forty-five 1962 Mercedes-Benz 300 d, Robert and Janet Eng’s “Mercedes Adenauer” is certainly one of the best restored of the original fleet. With an appreciation for the care required to refurbish a family heirloom, JG Francis from Mercedes Motoring helped to bring the “Adenauer” out of its post in the Eng family’s garage, and back out onto the streets where it belongs. Today, the couple has little respite from the throngs of classic car fanatics eager to buy the immaculately restored vehicle. More information about the spectacular restoration on

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  1. This Mercedes is so very Beautiful. It still catches my eye, makes me want to Explore it's Body Work, check out the Details, the Interior…The Instruments, the Wood Work…Everything. This car comes from a time, when Mercedes Benz did over engineer her cars, and it is A Shame That That Isn't Still So.
    What an absolute stunner. This car Proves, Good Design is really Timeless.
    "Mercedes Benz, Engineered Like No Other."

    Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Would be Proud.

  2. In my opinion, these were the days when Merceedes-Benz were Merceedes-Benz. I liked the big classic chromed front grille with the three-pointed star. The interiors were absolutely gorgeous with a workmanship second to none.

  3. I bought a 1973 280C from JG Francis and Mercedes Motoring for 36K. It was not what I expected. After receiving the car, I spent an additional amount on mechanical repairs (coupe was getting hot and would die in start/stop traffic) and15K on rust repair – JG told me it was rust free. While he gave me $12 for rust repair, in my opinion he should pay for ALL rust repair. At the time of writing, it has been in the shop for 6 months for repairs (I have had the car for 6.5 months).

    Before I received the car, I spoke with JG. He said the car was complete. However, agreed upon work was not done. The items included repair of headliner, replacement of wood dash and horn. After receiving the car and realizing the items we not not completed, I called JG. He said, oh, yeah, I will send you the wood and horn so you can have them installed. Only after I mentioned I was required to pay for the installation I had already paid him for was he willing to consider reimbursement.

    All said, bad decision.

  4. Anyone know where I can light fixtures for this vehicle? My dad is the process of restoring this vehicle and all we need are a few last touches, paint job, and out the interior together. Would mean the world to him if I got help from the community

  5. my grandad had a right hand drive one it came in his scrap yard in 1976 from a firm who had imported it from india for a director it had got damaged on the factory it was a 1960 300d he paid £120 for itsold it in the early 1990s for £1500 i think its in Belgium now

  6. I remember having seen one in a commercial garage in Phila. when I was about 20 yo. I asked whether it was for sale. The owner said "yes" and I just said that I'd like to buy it and "does it run?" So, out we went for a drive in the city. The car obviously needed a lot and the driving experience was unique. The owner then changed his mind saying that it had sentimental value and he didn't think he could part with it. I think what he was really saying was that I was too young to have it. In high school, something similar happened with a Packard Darrin that wasn't running. It was being used as a sign for a gas station!

  7. That's THE way it has to be for a bonneted Mercedes-Benz as far as i'm concerned i.e. the sight of the upright standing circular star on top of the bonnet as seen from BEHIND the steering-wheel from the INTERIOR of the vehicle ! Such a sight cannot be carelessly forgotten or sidelined away into non existence, irregardless whether it's a Mercedes-Benz with a long or short bonnet, with a fossil engine or even 100% full EV, old or new models !!

    Crucial elements of the brand's design & history etc. MUST always prevail (even if no longer a standard feature in the new models at least there must be that option for it to still stand) if specified by the buyer of a new Mercedes-Benz bonneted vehicle !


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