Meningioma Brain Tumor | Pat’s Story

After years of experiencing minor health issues that she dismissed as part of the aging process, Pat found out she had a large meningioma brain tumor that had been growing for 10 years. Pat faced a two-day surgery by Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Jon Weingart to remove the benign tumor. Hear how the experience has changed her life. Learn more at

For appointments, Maryland residents should call 410-955-6406, and out-of-state residents should contact 1-855-884-6754.

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  1. Dear Pat, I just had a fr. frontal lobe meningioma removed 7/22/16. I can relate to how opening the head opened the heart. Glad you came through ok; I only needed one surgery and tumor was behind my right forehead, close to the surface. Immediately in the ICU my vision was so much better, and the list of things returned to me was extensive. Quite profound. Had my surgery at Overlook Hospital, Summit NJ, with expert Dr. Brian Beyerl. Thank you for your video.

  2. 3 1/2 weeks ago I had surgery to remove a very large Meningioma just like yours on my left side. It pushed my brain over 1"… the swelling of my brain was so bad, and the tumor damaged my skull.My Doctor, Jim Robinson was wonderful, he repaired and removed the tumor. I am having a very quick recovery that Doctors and nurses are amazed at! I consider the tumor a blessing, because I became closer to God, and all of the same feelings you felt, I felt as well. God bless you and your journey in life.

  3. Dear Pat , thank you for sharing your story it inspired my mum before she had her surgery last week March 2017 , she had a 10cm meningiomas , 90% successfully removed .
    She is the same age as you pat could I ask you how long it took for you to recover ? And how long for your mobility to improve ? Kind regards Heather , Sheffield UK

  4. Love your story! I’m scheduled in 6 days to have my meningioma removed. Your video gives me courage! I have a husband a 7 kids (ages 20 months to 15 years) so I’m looking forward to the future and a rapid recovery.

  5. My Meningioma was the size of a tangerine…and malignant. They removed it 4 years ago, and radiated the tumor bed as if I had Glioblastoma. They found a new one last month. I undergo Cyber Knife at Stanford this week. Does anyone have a malignant meningioma story?

  6. I have a pre-admission appointment tomorrow to have a 3.5cm tentorial meningioma removed. Your story sounds just like mine in that I didn't really have any symptoms other than what I could put down to age/hormones. I actually took part in some medical research scans which is how it was found – thank goodness! Thank you, Denise (Washington, UK)

  7. I sure can relate to this !! On 1/28/18 I had a "small grapefruit" sized benign meningioma removed from behind my eyes. I endured a useless cataract surgery first with no improvement in my vision before they did an MRI. They removed it during an 11 hour surgery and I'm almost as good as new. My eyesight improved somewhat, but damage to the optic nerve is permanent. The olfactory nerve was severed during surgery so I no longer can taste or smell. I am thankful for each new day…

  8. I had surgery on mine and within 4 months it grew back to the size of a pea! I'm dizzy all the time like I'm still under anesthesia and I'm weak on my left side like I had a stroke. I'm in a wheelchair and am very carefully using a walker. Now I'm going to have radiation therapy to shrink the new tumor. They weren't able to get all of the tumor, only 85% of it. I'm trying to be hopeful about my prognosis!

  9. I have a meningioma on the left side that measures 11 mm. I do experience weakness in the arms (I cant write legibly now). I was referred to a neurosurgeon who seems to encourage surgery (oddly enough, he doesn't think the arm weakness has to do with the meningioma); so I'm a bit disappointed… Why have this major surgery?

  10. i am a Meningioma survivor. on September 2nd 2019 while going to the store i fell down, it was like my legs were being held, lost my balance and down i went… on September 3rd i fell in the bathroom could not get up again… ended up in the emergency room. the doctors gave me the 411, it turned out that i had 3 strokes, and that's when they told me you have a tumor in your brain. i said ok am i going to die or how long… they showed me a picture of my tumor and it was big, it had been growing for maybe more than 20 years, and part of it was wrapped around my optical nerve. i had never been sick in my life, i was a delivery man for 22 years, very active, not an incredibly healthy diet, whataburger every day. my surgery lasted 15 hours on September 8th 2019 here at University Medical Center El Paso Texas, by some amazing Hindu neuro surgeons. my brain today looks like a taco shell. i feel some what ok . the doctors moved fast, i am grateful to them. i agree with this lady that it opens up you emotions, i guess i feel reborn. it fills my heart with happiness to hear a fellow survivor tell their story… by the way the pathology report came back no cancer.

  11. We know that my mom had meningioma at the last day of her life after she had been infected with COVID 19 and she is dead now at 22/11/2020 can’t imagine her suffer of this benign tumour she had I couldn’t see her or tell her that she had this tumour …

  12. I had surgery 2 weeks ago to remove a golf sized meningioma in my brain..I am recovering well, seeing this video just made me feel that I am not alone in this journey!

  13. I had the same type of brain tumor with out knowing my whole life till I was 30 yrs old and last year I had a seizure and blacked out while driving and than after acoma I woke up to find out I had a brain tumor the same kind as this. It was very scary. I have 4 kids very young age and it has left me with alot of scare and medication because of the PTSD and anxiety I know have. I never knew till that seizure i had a tumor I had headaches my whole life and was told by doctors it was allergies and that i needed to wear glasses. I still have headaches and pain where the tumor was. Its very scary to find u have a tumor and to worry about seizures… Its been hard.

  14. My mother has also a huge meningioma on her left side of her brain and maybe Covid 19 make it swell. But we can’t afford to have an expensive surgery like this😔

  15. I was just diagnosed with a 3cm. Left side. I don't know how long I have had thus but in the past, oh I'd say 7/10 years…I have severe Fatigue and experienced severe Vertigo for a long period of time.


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