Meet the African American woman cycling pioneer – BBC News

For Ayesha McGowan, a road cyclist based in San Francisco, her goal goes beyond winning races. She hopes to be the first African American professional female road cyclist and campaigns for the sport not to be “white” and “elitist”.

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  1. This issue of calling Blacks African American is nonsense. The Caucasians of European origin must be called European American too.

  2. I hope big companies like adidas or Nike pick you up and make you a celebrity to help you succeed in your mission of motivating others to give it a try.

  3. Where's my profile BBC News? I'm a black American and I'm breaking color barriers.
    For instance I do Brunch, I've turned down memberships in three country clubs. I hunt unicorns, i hunt them only for fun because they taste horrible. I don't date blondes or russian women, because I think both are commies. And I can identify at least ten different alien species. I don't care what those guys at the CIA say, they all don't look alike.

  4. "more women should be cycling. more african american women should be cycling."
    why? it's a passion of yours, i get it. but why do you want others to share your passion just because they share some traits with you? they're not any worse off by choosing something else to spend their time on. people should do what they want to, not what you think they should want to.

  5. Oh surprise surprise, more race-baiting bullshit propaganda from none other than the Biased Bolshevik Corporation. The BBC, just like Vice News with their daily propaganda about "racial profiling" by the police in the USA (which exists for a good reason), won't stop at any lengths to ram this forced equality garbage down our throats.

    Daily fact: White European people are a global racial MINORITY. What is all this nonsense about "white privilege?" I'm yet to see it. BBC you vile, self-hating, marxist scum.

  6. Well, I think all of you racists need to get a life, but I personally know black female cyclists…. this younger generation thinks that just because they are the first to twitter something, or blog about something, that they are the first to have ever done said thing….. sickening

  7. I love to cycle from childhood….but my legs are bad after back surgeries and my pain threshhold is extremely low but I agree more of us should cycle…. Our children need role models that can empower them….Everyone wants to look in the mirror and like what they see and feel smart, strong and beautiful… More power to you girl!!!! Best of luck!!

  8. I black and getting tried this whole I want to be first thing. I good she in sport she loves, but what need is rebuilding black families (all them) and made in USA jobs.

  9. Good luck to her – i live in Bristol UK which is a really mixed and diverse area but you hardly see people of color on bikes compared to white people, which is totally disproportionate. Would be nice to see it become a more diverse sport 🙂

  10. We can state facts there's only one AA medalist in American history Nelson Vails (he got silver, back in '84, first and only). There are no Pro level AA cyclists currently and has never been an AA female at the pro level. Think of it like Barack Obama, breaking the glass ceiling. It's important to diversify what minorities compete in, rather than stick to the fame five football, futbol, track, basketball, boxing. If you don't get it, it's because you likely just have white privilege and don't realize it. Me as a AA male cyclist in the DC Metro area, there's literally a small handful of AA cyclist I see in total, compared to the usual EA/White cyclists i always see. Think of what it was like for the Beastie Boys, Jon B, or Eminem. That's what the entire world is like for POC.

  11. Good for her, great that she setting records and a precedent for colored cyclists. Definitely do not think she has the right to call any young girls to action on professional cycling, the person who has the desire and the ability to do that doesn't need anyone's permission, regardless of skin color. So just go win your race and don't make it something it's not

  12. With the way the World is, and I see examples in the comments, there is so much stigma! Can't we embrace and respect each other's perceptions? We all have different perspectives because we all come from different areas of the World, and for other reasons too. Hopefully one day, race will not be an issue, but until then, …. it's the way it is sadly. Peace and Love to All.

  13. The problem with cycling is the governing body which is UCI is corrupt and it gives crap about womens cycling. Thus, the professionals are few and far in between. Consequently, you really cant make a living. Additionally, the sacrifices and the cost to get to that level are enormous. Thus, in that regard for womens cycling the blame is square with the federation. Too many fat cats. Ayesha looks talented and energized. She should be given every, every opportunity. But the federation is out of touch with reality.


  15. No black pro cyclists rare species indeed same with swimming. Is it because they find it difficult to stay upright at speed and in swimming they are scared of water. Nobody seems to have a credible answer. I did see a black cyclist once in the Bronx his legs were that long his heels were on the pedals and his legs were coming up as high as his chin with each pedalling motion. He kept on falling off.

  16. truly inspiring from this talented lady. I  being a black cyclist understand that most people from my the black community have a misperception if cycling being associated with a low social status. So for one to be seen to have made progress they have to be a driver. So this lady and myself by extension are trying to challenge this misleading stereotypes and hope to encourage others like us mainly to get onto their bikes and start reaping the many benefits that come with cycling including in general health I.e. physical and mental, environmental and financial coz it costs almost nothing to cycle apart form periodic maintenance.If anyone lives within 8km of their work/school/business ideally you need to be on your bike and spare your car for lengthy journeys.

  17. I'm from California to and to hear that she's from California, I feel a connection and I wish her the greatest success. People can unite around the region they're from or nationality.

  18. I want to see an American of African descent to Bicycle across the USA. I've been searching YouTube about this for 15 minutes and I can't find anything!

  19. I love to see this! I was out biking today for the first time in my city on a blocked off street for cyclists, and I didn’t see ONE black woman. This is a great start to help young and older woman, not be afraid because they don’t see themselves!! Here’s Ayesha doing the best for her people. So good!

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