Meet Larry the cat, British sensation

Adopted in 2011, Larry the cat has become a fixture at 10 Downing Street. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Larry is lovely. Although according to Wikipedia he has a reputation of being "violent" in his interactions with other local mousers, especially the Foreign Office's much younger cat Palmerston.

  2. I want larry to overthrow boris so he can be prime minister 😂 I mean cats are better than any of the politicians in this country anyway.

  3. Larry sez:
    Just doin mi' normil jobb as a securitycat at No 10. Nothing much happning at the mo, so just likin' mi' pause insted! Just thinkin' that I'll ask Catchellor of the Exchecker next door at No 11 if he cood give me some munny so that I cood go to Cat-Skool and lern how to spel. Just a thot!
    Thanks in advance and luv from Larry XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX =^^=

  4. Boris Johnson new Prime Minister of the UK has issued orders that Larry the Downing Street cat will have to be put down (Euthanized ) after Larry inadvertently crept under Donald Trump's transport when he visited Britain. The much-publicised row, where the police had to be called to the home of Boris Johnson was, in fact, an altercation between Boris and his partner at his intentions towards Larry. Source AP.

  5. Larry wasn't hiding under Trumps car, Larry is MI6 secret agent cat carrying out security checks and planting surveillance devices on Trumps car.

  6. Larry wasn't hiding under the President's limo.. he was sent there to do a standard security check part of his duties to make sure no bombs were under the car by the Trump haters. Larry later came back and said "I've checked all under, you're good to go Mr President."

  7. This Cat lover — Loves Larry! He's GOT kitty cat moxy!!! Something kitty people just get! Larry is the only true resident of 10 Downing — everyone else just lives there — comes and goes for a time. Cats Rule! Everyone else negotiates…..

  8. Larry is very lucky then me
    he can hidding under president trump's car
    I wish i can meet to both
    Larry and president Trump
    Larry face look like my cat munni
    Love you Larry


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