Meet Larry the cat, British sensation | The Washington Post

Adopted in 2011, Larry the cat has become a fixture at 10 Downing Street. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. I LOVE Larry! He is Such a Cat – The mind of a cat says, "You want me to do what You want, You open the door for Me or, You pick me Up and carry Me"! Theresa May clearly had no time for "bad boys" kitties nor otherwise. have had kitties in my life for 60 years – You live with them and compatible negotiations occur daily …….

  2. Apparently there have been Chief Mousers at 10 Downing Street since the Great Depression. The location is prone to rodents, and cats are necessary to keep vermin away from humans. (Insert "politicians are vermin" joke here.)

  3. He holds the "tittle" of Chief Mouser!!!!!!! This is the Washington Post and you can't sub your subtitles on your video's? Poor show. A dislike from me. We know that you Americans don't know how to "spel": color, aluminum, tire, sulfur and so on but come on ………. tittle?

  4. At this point 2021 Larry is almost 9 years old or maybe 10 . I hope he's in good health and catching as many mice as possible just to make sure he won't be unemployed in these pandemia times

  5. not just one of four, Larry is the latest in a long line of "Chief Mousers to the cabinet office" the one of four relates to the fact that there are other chief mousers but for other departments


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