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Felicia Day is a self confessed video game addict, she’s known as the Queen of Geek, turning a successful acting career into an online video series. She says the digital world opens up new opportunities for women in acting – by lowering the entry bar – and allowing them to create less stereotypical female characters.

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  1. Is it just me or is Felicia Day the bizarre love child of Jennifer Saunders and Victoria Wood. Shame she's got that video game addiction thing. Perhaps we should all turn our obsessions and addictions into Paypal buttons and YouTube channels. Anyone wanna pay to watch me shout at the telly and wax my belly button fluff. I can make Smurfs!

  2. Wish you obtain the happy that one you wish for. Dear Felicia. You are make 2 my last years, I don't know what would I do if some dame I wasn't seen supernatural show with your first participation. This words might mean nothing for you, or may be some thing, but for me it was one of the best 2 years of my life, when I was started following you grow and your shows. They are presents for me till today. 🙂 be happy!

  3. Great for doing story, you barely touched on a lot of what she has accomplished. She's a great personality/Actress/Producer/Writer etc followed her in Eureka, Buffy and Supernatural she was in. Also Guild show one of biggest web series, done multiple pop videos even had a character in expansion pack for Dragon Age 2 based on her; and starred in the Dragon Age web series. If you never heard of her, you must be new to the internet.

  4. Two things wow is hardly a game, more like a social media device. Also 12 hours a day hardly constitutes addiction, talk to me when you've spent 48 hour straight playing a real game I.e. Super Mario bros ninja gaiden, doom or hell dark souls for crying out loud. Queen of geek, I bet she's never once leaped or had to play a cleric

  5. Does anyone else find it a bit weird that everything she says sounds so nasal? I can't tell if it's on purpose or if there's actually something wrong with her nose and she made it her trademark or something. – This question is mostly irrelevant, yes, but I wonder every time I see her. It's kinda cute though.

  6. She isn't the queen of anything except for maybe liars and frauds.
    Anyone that believes half of what comes out of Felicia Day's mouth is an idiot. She's a liar and professional victim using GamerGate to stay relevant somewhere after her movie and tv career tanked.  
    Maybe if she'd been working hard on being a honest and decent person she wouldn't need to sit in the gutter with the other losers lying to people for money.

  7. And who named her queen? I certainly did not voter for her and when is lowering the bar a good thing?
    (monty python joke but I am series)

  8. You'd think the English would be better at labeling noble titles.

    Lady Day is one of the daughters of one of the minor Geek houses.

    She's from House Whedon. Not even remotely a Great house of Geek but certainly compelling lineage to be sure. Their great contribution was the Firefly saga and that has earned them the love of the people of the Geek kingdom. Lady Day had no role in that venture but her Sire Sir Whedon and Sir Nathan Fillion have earned great renowned in the kingdom for their service. This is not to suggest that Sir Whedon has not made many other fine contributions. Cabin in the Woods described the core religion of Geek was a sign of his deep piety to the reigning faith of Geek… We stand of course in terrified submission to a pantheon of Evil Elder Gods… Cthulhu and Murphy are two of the biggest names but there's always room for more. There is no hope before our Gods. Their wrath is as inevitable as their hunger for the souls and misery of all existence and all one can do is make blood sacrifices at their alters to prolong their slumber.

    But Lady Day being a Queen? Her Sire, Lord Whedon is not even a Duke or Baron of Geek. Her house is so far down the Royal succession that the Geek Kingdom would basically have to suffer near total genocide for so much as her Sire to have a chance at the throne. Upon what basis does the BBC cite her claim to the throne of Geek? Did she Marry into one of the Great Geek houses? The throne is in contention. You know your war of the Roses? Well, we have three Great houses of Geek vying for the throne. The war has gone on for decades and there is much bitterness on the issue. There is Linus Trovald of House Linux. There sigel is a Penguin for some reason. William Gates of House Microsoft. Their sigel is generally a money sign… because they have all the money. And House Rainbow Fruit is being run by the Steward of the Black Turtleneck since the death Saint Steven of Jobs. However, it is hard to argue that House Linux is not a more more imposing Geek House if only for its Geekyness than House Microsoft and of course, House Rainbow Fruit has already laid claim to the throne of the Hipster kingdom so I'm not sure they have the resources to sustain two claims to two different thrones at this moment.

    So yeah… baffling that the BBC… being the media outlet funded by the British government and presumably staffed with British people… doesn't understand how royal titles work. You still have nobility… actual nobility… and you don't know how any of this works apparently. How is it that I… a self taught craftsman in the Geek Kingdom know more than thee on the subject of kings and queens?


    FYI: House "rainbow fruit" is not a homosexual reference… look at Apple's original logo – it's a rainbow apple.

    Yes, I live in Geek. Apparently the BBC doesn't know anything about my culture or people. How very disappointing.

  9. Congrats Felicia your the queen of a sideshow attraction that bites the heads off of chickens
    geek- a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts, as biting off the head of a live chicken.

  10. i dont even know the lady and i find the crowning stupid and pompous … the tv people are so uninformed and stupid…also if a fucking vagina is playing video games doesnt mean that takes control of everyone in the gaming community , fucking bitches and their self-entitlement…

  11. Can anyone explain to me where all the hate is coming from and why people call her a 'disgusting' person? I always liked Felicia Day a lot but it seems like i've missed something?

  12. how long is she in holywood?buffy was alooooong time ago.i know she played some stuff in supernatural.but she is same age as chris pratt and look at him now.i think holywood doesnt care about felicia at all.wil wheaton at lleast had
    his life role on the star trek deck.

  13. never saw what was the big deal with her, like if I saw her somewhere I literally would not care at all. FAR from starstruck and I don't consider her a hollywood celeb

  14. I don’t understand all this hate. Felicia is so talented. (producer, actress on TV and online, and violinist. Her violin skills also got her accepted into Juilliard which she turned down.)

  15. I often come back to watch this video. It reminds me when I first discovered Geek & Sundry and all the original YouTube personalities and original content.
    It reminds me of the excitement I felt of a new wave entering the world. A new paradigm. Something that I could be a part of.
    I know those days are over but it's nice to be reminded that I can still experience that child like wonder when something or someone invites me in and it felt like Felicia was at the centre of the whole thing. It really was exciting times.

  16. Felicia Day, the woman that made me realize that retro is still cool. . . and got me to dig up my old, old gaming consoles. . . and relate to the swearing that goes on in Co-optitude.

  17. My first girlfriend back in high school looks like the spitting image of her and even talked the same, sadly she was slightly controlling and when she found out I hooked up with her friend (her friend was VERY easy unlike my gf at the time who only put out once a month tops due to a shallow vagina) when we were on a camping trip when the friend spilled the beans to her after getting overly drunk.

    She is a cool gal but I was a horny teenager, we are still friends to this day though and married with families, I actually ended up getting married to the friend a couple years later after high school anyways and couldn't be happier lol. Honestly, my sex drive has always been very high but thankfully my wife doesn't mind 😉


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