Meet Disco the incredible talking budgie | Pets – Wild at Heart – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Documentary revealing secrets behind pets’ behaviour – why hamsters run in a wheel, how dogs pick up pack rules and how kittens learn to be solitary hunters. The latest science also reveals why budgies talk.

When budgies mimic their owners they are simply doing what they would do in the wild. They learn their names from their parents and also the distinct calls of their family.

Pets – Wild at Heart | Series 1 Episode 1 Playful Creatures | BBC

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  1. I used to take my parakeet for car rides and plop him on the steering wheel. He loved it but little did I kmow he was picking up my foul mouth..soon his fav saying was "kiss my a$%"

  2. I have a question if any can answer, I'm teaching my 4 month budgie to talk, every time I say something he moves his mouth like he trying to talk but he didn’t do it before is that a good sign ? Thank you


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