Meet Artemis Team Member Jonny Kim

NASA astronaut Jonny Kim is a member of the Artemis Team, a select group of astronauts charged with focusing on the development and training efforts for early Artemis missions.

Through the Artemis program NASA and a coalition of international partners will return to the Moon to learn how to live on other worlds for the benefit of all. With Artemis missions NASA will send the first woman and the next man to the Moon in 2024 and about once per year thereafter.

Through the efforts of humans and robots, we will explore more of the Moon than ever before; to lead a journey of discovery that benefits our planet with life changing science, to use the Moon and its resources as a technology testbed to go even farther and to learn how to establish and sustain a human presence far beyond Earth.

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Video Credits:
Producer: Paul Wizikowski
Directors: Ryan Cristelli and Paul Wizikowski
Editor: Hunter Brothers

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  1. He not only achieved these titles, he achieved them while being Asian in this day and age of putting as many obstacles in front of Asians as possible to artificially make other minorities more competative. That's like achieving them twice for anyone from a different ethnicity!

  2. i guess his girlfriend doesnt mind to not see him since he was always working/studing.i wish i could have a girlfriend like the one he has. lol

  3. Dont let your mom watch this. I mean i took 6 yrs just to finished a 4 yrs degree. And this man just became one soldier, doctor, astronout and counting in just one lifespan!

  4. Doctor Kim, i really admire you for being a strong and brilliant person! You’re my idol ever!!! Stay safe and God bless you and your family!😘

  5. I don't know whether or not, he is aware of how big of an inspiration he is to a lot of us. It's just mind-blowing to see what has he achieved. Absolutely incredible.

  6. Him be like: son, your dad was only able to become a navy seal, a doctor and an astronaut. My dad did not believed in me. But I know you could be better than me. I believe in you.

    Son: Welp

  7. Astronaut Johnny Kim. I'm sorry you didn't make it apart of what I consider my crew EXP.66 but you are an Astronaut. And I believe you are proud in the best way possible for yourself. I think you'd understand. Congratulations on graduation with this Astronaut school, is it? I'm not an Astronaut. But you are. I do remember you. Jordan.

  8. He really should run for president. No joke, with that kind of resume and the fact that he was a navy seal, I feel like even the racists would vote for him

  9. this is the kind of immigrant america welcomes with open arms. and we provide them with the tool and resources to become bigger than life.

  10. 인간 그 이상으로 존경스럽습니다😭👏 천문학이 좋다고 무작정 천문학과만을 가야한다고 생각했던 자신을 돌아보게되었어요ㅠㅜ 특수부대원, 의사처럼 다양한 것들을 하며 결국엔 우주비행사까지… 조니김님은 하늘이 인간계의 내려주신 선물같은 존재일지도 모르겠네요👏👏

  11. We need to stop propping up people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates as heroes. Jonny Kim is the TRUE AMERICAN HERO.


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