Medical Animation: Total Artificial Heart Implantation | Cincinnati Children’s

The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart (TAH) is a form of mechanical circulatory support that can be used to support blood flow to the bodies vital organs. In most cases, it is used in patients with severe heart failure as a bridge to transplant. The TAH comes in 2 sizes and can be used in school age children/adolescents and adults. The TAH is usually used when the patient has failure (systolic and/or diastolic) of both sides of the heart, uncontrollable arrhythmias or clot in the ventricles. In the operating room, the native or sick ventricles, are removed and the atrial cuffs are sewn into place. The TAH right- and left pumping chambers (i.e. ventricles) are then connected. There are grafts to both the pulmonary artery and the aorta to take blood from the TAH to the lungs and the body. This animation shows the step-by-step process for surgical implantation of the TAH.

Surgical Technique Expertise: David Morales MD
Additional Content Expertise: Ryan Moore MD & Angie Lorts MD
Animation: Jeff Cimprich & Ren Wilkey
Media Lab Direction: Ken Tegtmeyer MD & Ryan Moore MD
Voice Over: Peace Madueme MD
Copyright: Media Lab at Cincinnati Children’s (@CincyKidsMedArt) & Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute (@CincyKidsHeart)

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