Media briefing on COVID-19

Media briefing on COVID-19 and Migrants Day

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  1. WHO president is a criminal and had innocents bloods on his hand you should be accountable for the genocide that happened for 45 years in Ethiopia by you and your extremists organization this guy needs to brought to justice for the crime he did over the years against human

  2. 😈 You are not even a little ashame.When I say I care for my country It's amazing False and evil man.

    You're sitting here Lobby paid several million dollars in taxes from Ethiopia You are not a little ashamed !!!
    The TPLF is bad
    TPLF You are thieve,

  3. Dr. Tedros is Lying to the world about a war worsening in Ethiopia which is Not True, infact there is NO war at all.
    2. He said there is no communication in Tigray Region which also is a Lie.! Your brother is also a Junta like you so he is most probably cleared out. Dr. Tedros will soon stand a trial at the international crime court for the mass killing of the Amhara People which he is part of. You are Worried That your Time is Up & All the ethnic Cleansing you commited is floating Above water.
    You can't put a foot in the country you call my home town Because you'll be Arrested on arrival. Don't try to use this position to mislead the world about Ethiopia while we Ethiopians already know you very well!

  4. Tedros Adhanom shouldn't have used the platform to moan about personal problems about his inability to communicate with his relatives in Ethiopia. After all Tedros is one of the criminals which the current Ethiopian government has been trying to bring to justice. Tedros has been covertly lobbying to derail the government's effort to bring about law and order in Tigrai region. He has been relentlessly trying to help the junta on the run acquire weapons. Its a matter of time for Tedros Adhanom to answer questions in Hague for the atrocities and lootings committed by the Party where he is a high ranking politburo member for 27 years. The international community has been duped by this criminal. From covering up the outbreak of cholera to sterilizing ethnic Amhara women, to the shooting of protestors in the street of Ethiopian cities and towns to looting the country's wealth and siphoned it to Europe, China and America, Mr Tedros had played a dirty role that he should face justice for it. For now, I suggest Mr Tedros pick up the phone and call his relatives. The communication that was cut off by his own junta friends, has now been restored by the government. Besides, life has returned normal. No more drama.

  5. Tedros, You and only you made Ethiopia sad. You slaughtered over half a million innocent people for 27 years. More than ten million fled your party's deadly way of dictatorship and some died in the red sea and mediteranean.Only last month, your communist party ethnically massacred over a thousand people in maikadra. You denied an endemic outbreak in south Ethiopia and let thousands die. Now your communist junta just got history, it is upto WHO to deal with your barbarism.

  6. This guy is a criminal who is responsible many innocent people's death in Ethiopia should be charge
    He is the most corrupted person, people should not trust him, everything is coming out of his mouth is lie. embarrassment

  7. The WHO is one of a fascist member group in Ethiopia he is sad because they are not in power anymore. He is also one of them with a criminal act he has blood shade on his hand and he never comes back to Ethiopia.

  8. Now is the time to feel the pain that Ethiopians went through the past 30 years. He never cared for the people. This man today is using the World Health Organization stage to his advantage. This man is a criminal for years. Ethiopia is much greater than ever. We will solve our problems among us no need to involve other countries that includes him. We will fight against this criminal justice to put him in jail. Time will come soon.

  9. Thank you dr. , I don't think the world aware that genocide is happening in Ethiopia tigray bused on ethnicity. I don't think y'all understand the panic attacks 24/7 not knowing if your families are alive/dead. TEGAGRU we know this time is tough but we have to work together . We got this.

  10. O world! The guy you put to run WHO has blood in his hands. Of innocent children, women and men in Ethiopia. He is the member of the central committee of the Marxist lenininst party of Tigrai who ruled Ethiopia for the last 27 years. You probably have seen the wave of Ethiopian migrants around any corner of the world during those times. We deserve justice!

  11. Only if the WHO had told us the truth last year this time we wouldn't have been in this mess. We have a communist chairman that had a lot of human rights baggage in Africa. Good luck the corona world of China.

  12. Fear, fear, fear. Nothing more to share from these mainstream media parasites, but fear.

    “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”
    ― Marie Curie

  13. Tedros Adhanom is the most wanted person in his home country Ethiopian for many genocide and criminal act of racism and helping a TPLF Junta terrorist organization.

  14. 😈Tewodros is a liar.

    When he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia The TPLF is led by him and he He is a cruel man who has committed serious human rights abuses.

    Financial assistance to the country from Europe and the United States He was a man who was wasting his money with the TPLF.

    Because he is a liar Misinformation to the outside community He misrepresented the law enforcement campaign against criminals in Ethiopia as a war.

    Looking at Tewodros' back story tells us about the man's identity

  15. ለኢቶፒያ አስበዉ ተናገሩ ማለት ነዉ ???ለታናሽ ወንድሞት ለደብረፂዋን ና ለትግራይ ክልል ጮኸዉ ድረሱ ለክክልሉ እያሉ ነዉ ????እረ ከጥፋቶት ተመለሱ !!!እርሶ ያሉበት ሀገር እግዜር አይደርስቦትም እሩቅ ስለሆኑ ???????

  16. People that don't wear a mask go to jail because they're taking a chance on infecting innocent just because of their stupidity that they weren't where I'm at I don't think it's right they should be fine and if they don't pay that fine they should go to jail.

  17. May Allah bring protect us with His Blessings and Light Mercy and Compassion..
    Light cannot exist in darkness, May Allah make us from His Light and His Blessings and from His Mercy

  18. Thank you Dr Tedros for your leadership!
    Just like you, I choose peace, solidarity, caring for environment, caring for one another and each other! We have a choice. I also hope that everyone will make the right choice to make the world a better place for EVERYONE!

  19. I watched this guy since January and well what’s freaking joke.
    January saying China has done beyond a great job.
    To now. China police took samples from researchers ( bats etc ) the people were trying to track it. But China said. No no
    I want to point out.
    If the USA did this. I’d say the same thing.
    Guilty is guilty no matter who you are

  20. Why didn't they do the case study and tests on their own damn family and on themselves. We're are a democratic country freedom of speech and a right to say no. So why have we as South Africans not given the opportunity to agree or not. N I promise you we all would have not. Let the curses of those that lost their families to this be upon you. When you at WHO and our so called president and his family gets such viruses forced upon let's see who will save you. And I mean the pun I do. IL wait and watch patiently for that day. IL live to see it 😡🙏


  22. Raymond Mark Bowen LET THE GENOCIDE BEGIN! ⚠️☠️⚠️
    First 1-MANIPULATION !!!⚠️☠️
    Second. 2-CONTROL !!!⚠️☠️
    Third 3-DEPOPULATION !!!⚠️☠️


    Everything is a lie with an agenda! Don't get attached to any belief. 💉⚠️☠️⚠️💉💉☠️

    Unfortunately, the news is totally controlled by the elite, I would not trust anything from the corrupt lying media. THE TRUTH IS CENSORED AND THE LIES ARE PROMOTED. I remembered that all these puppet celebrities came out saying that they had covid-19, now they are going to start promoting the vaccine. It's a manipulation! Look … They are famous or governors, they want you to trust everything they say and do, they know that humans fall. Kamala Harris receives the Covid-19 vaccine at a public event!
    Questions! Is this some kind of manipulation? Why are they trying to promote a vaccine that is not even a year old? If it takes years to develop a vaccine. How come they haven't developed vaccines for more lethal viruses?
    What kind of experiment are they trying to impose on humans? Frankly I don't like this! Something is wrong! If you wake up! … All you can do is wake up others. 🤔🤔
    It's about promoting the sheep follower to their puppet leader⚠️☠️⚠️
    Wake up!!! ‼️
    Seek spiritual discernment‼️
    What they are doing is very evil ‼️
    ‼️Dr. Fauci and some other ‼️corrupted‼️ government and leaders ‼️like George Soros are part and owners ‼️of the‼️ pharmaceutical ‼️‼️industry!!!‼️ ( Like Pfizer…. George Soros is a shareholder of Pfizer) ‼️‼️‼️‼️
    ‼️Manipulation ‼️ Control ‼️ ‼️Depopulation ‼️
    it's a worldwide war between the corrupt government against humanity ‼️
    This year George Soros got super rich!‼️
    It's not about your health ‼️ it's about the richest getting Rich and the poorest getting poor ‼️

  23. This is a moment to get the hell rid of WHO . It is a misinformation organization trying to push and think they know best. When we have better scientist and doctors. With better credentials then these clowns

  24. The WHO is a sick joke! During the initial steps of the pandemic, Taiwan soon closed off all travel from China, its biggest trading partner, even when the World Health Organization — a body it is frozen out of by Beijing — was advising against such a step. The WHO are criminals like their Chinese Communist puppet handlers.

  25. Lockdown is not the solution of there are thousand of people in the market city school everywhere but why no people suffring..there is no different before and now . So please do not lockdown..stop this system…we can not stop by lockdown…

  26. Insane people hatching insane ideas to control and manipulate the masses. Its like their either completely evil to the core, which i believe or they are mindcontrolled by some entity

  27. Disgraceful organisation it should be disbanded. The PCR testing is not fit for purpose and will soon be closed down along with this outfit. There will be similar trials to those heard at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. The greater plandemic they talk about will I believe be the killing and sterilisation process of the cobbled together vaccines. Watch how these lot and all associated, squirm and wriggle and reject all the deaths are anything to do with the vaccines they have conspired to have created. They claim it will be end of 2021 before immunity is reached but they do not even know if the chemicals they are going to try to inject into the population actually work.

  28. I'm confused! Does this mean that I have to get three vaccines?!!! Since these 2 news are more virulent", are they working on coming up with specific vaccines to counter this? Bottom line, just like the recent voter fraud, it seems that you've gotten too far out there! You're shooting from the hip with the objective of keeping us locked down until you figure out what to do with us next!!! GOOD NEWS! Since covid, there is no more flu nor pneumonia!!!!!

  29. это просто шучь собачья, они сидят там все рядом с друг другом без средств их защиты любимой и просто смеются с людей!

  30. We shall like to have chemoprophylaxis with Ivermectin. Only 12 mg to 18 mg according to bodyweight every 2 weeks prevent COVID-19 and all coronavirus, and also Zika virus, blood worms which cause Elephanthiasis, lice, scabies along with preventing COVID-19. No significant side effects. There us a media black out about this very easy prevention of death from this disease. Those who are created obstacle against use of ivermectin for COVID-19 are the scoundrels and enemy to humanity.
    It is not a vaccine, but it make our protein resistant to those viruses to replicate within our body tissue.

  31. W.H.O notice a news. So early to talk about where's the covid wuhan begin??? Idiot. I don't care where it happen, useless about that. What the system W.H.O work for? Talk anything about people dead in somewhere, talk we try all to do we can to know covid begin? Open your eyes, now so much country had vaccine for the thing you don't know where it born, hahaha. The system only looking for something and not do anything else can helpful for anyone, faknews about the danger of all. Shut up liar like dog face. Fuck

  32. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  33. 31 million people have received the vaccine according to the news.

    Why is it i can find home photos of intestinal worms and genital warts but not a single image of the injection site, not anywhere?

  34. Ich bitte Sie um Hilfe. Die AFD das stimmt.
    Gerichte wurden bei den Vetranszentren oder bei den Grünen Kreuz. Es werden Krankenakten, und Ärzte getauscht.
    Impfstoff geraubt. Von Bürgern gesund, selbständig geraubtes Blut Zwangs infiziert. Ich bin zwanginfiziert.
    Ich bin mehrfach von der Todesschuepe gesprungen bin hier als ausgebildet Koerperlich gesund meine Mutter zu pflegen. Die ebenfalls vergiftet wurde seit 1993 bis heute April 2016 nicht Würdevoll durch Terror verstarb.
    Seit 2003 ist meine Familie gemobbt. Sie wurde 2012 von fremden gepflegt beraubt und verbrannt. Ich als Tochter nicht geladen werde als Susanne betitelt und nicht als Sandra.
    Wenn ich Susanne bin hätte ich ein schwarzen als Mann. Das ist Rufmord. Mir wurde mein Kind vom geraubtes Staat geraubt.
    Die haben mich mit Polio wiedermal infiziert so das ich sterbe. Mein Erbe fuer die Uni die Terroristen sind und aus Afrika eine Armee gemacht haben und durch Schmir, Leichenteilen, gezüchtete Viren und vergiften, endstellen und sogar den gesunden, lebendigen Menschen im Deutschland mutieren lassen.
    Merkel aus Lateinamerika, Afrika, und die Reisende DDR in Halle ueber Gruessen und Köln und versetzen nemlich ins ewige Aus und wandeln durch die Set. O heißt nichts.
    Durch Lieder, Kommandos und Bezirksleitung rauben und zerstören.

  35. লকছক কে না না না বলি। যুদ্ধ কে না না না বলি। ধর্মবর্ন বাদ কে না না না বলি। সৃষ্টিকর্তার আশির্বাদ এর শান্তি সমজতার ফয়সালা খুজি ধন্যবাদ আমার মতামত।


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