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Intro – 0:00
Last time with Project L – 0:12
Project L Update Video – 4:07
Update Article – 19:34
Closing thoughts – 22:10

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  1. I think one of the most curious things about that game is how is it gonna get monetized and supported. This may end up as THE fighting game for a few generations, the same way as LoL is THE moba game for the past 12 years.

  2. Funny how watching both videos Max has done on Project L back to back shows how everything he wanted and said the game needed on the first video, was showed on the second one

  3. Never had much interest with fighting games but riot changed that, super excited now. Some great characters would be: riven, yasuo, yone, fiora, sett, camille, vi and so much more, big potential here

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE!!! I am soooo tired of footsie based fighters that play like street fighter Assit fighters are so damn fun long combos and call ins is where it's at. I haven't played much in terms of fighting games but Skullgirls was the most fun I've had playing a fighting game and I never enjoyed all the tip tappyness of footsie fighters I'm glad u agree idk why so many people want this game to play 1 v 1 footsie style so much with character designs like that and the huge action seen in Arcane the assist fighters is exactly what this game needs I'm SOOOO hyped

  5. I'm league of legends player, it's not a card game, it's more like a survival horror multiplayer, you try to survive a very toxic environment where your own team attacks you with arbitrary reports for basically existing if you avoid getting toxic yourself you win patience points altough that decreases on it's own, it's as hard as a dark souls game which sounds totally fun. oh and something something pushing lanes and turrets to destroy some nexus i guess.

  6. Ok, i gotta admit it.
    Looking at Max getting all hyped for this proyect, and theorising, loving how unique all this thing looks makes my heart pump happily, my God dude, we all hope it turns as good or even better of how it looks!

  7. In the moba Ekko the time boi you saw can in fact do the same as his ult. (Not only this but players would also wait on getting the ult so you wouldnt know where he last was) just thought it be neat to say 🙂

  8. He's reaction at 14:39 🤣, i think that Max is a very valuable source of knowledge for the development team of this game, hopefully he will be able to test it early, the game looks very promising!

  9. Some of the character skills are gonna be nutty in a 2D fighting space. Ekkos rewind is just straight up nasty. Now imagine Katarina with her daggers and teleport, Twisted Fate with his different cards, Jhin with 4th shot being critical, Gangplank barrels.. this is gonna be a dope fighter. Riot has really unique character designs as well and this art style is just perfect to me for some reason.

    All I ask, is no Teemo 😂🤦🏿‍♂️

  10. Jeez. Looks pretty damn awesome. If I didn’t already have a bad taste in my mouth about past experiences with Riot Games, I’d be beyond enthused. Even still, I’m excited for it and even maybe a bit impatient for its release.

  11. I would KILL for fighting games to throw me a short video of "THE SAUCE" when starting the tutorial or trials for my chosen character. Don't hit me with "this character focuses on relentless rushdown and space control" BITCH I'M NOT HERE TO STUDY, SHOW ME THE SAUCE.

  12. Its ironic that because Max doesn't play League he doesn't know Ekko already does SOMETHING already like this they are just taking it to the regular Tag team level so he can view it in a format he prefers!
    He is finally seeing the marvel of league in a form he can appreciate better I believe!

  13. I'll believe the net code when I see it. League is legendary for having bad connection unless in Central locations. And if its legit, riot better implement some of that to league.

  14. I think they're using the servers to enhance net code because they already have it, and it means a smoother connection in general. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they had a 2v2 mode

  15. This looks really cool 🤔. I've never played LOL nor do I know what the story behind it is (even though I have the mobile game). May need to do more research. I know that new game just came out also.

  16. God, the art style and the motion and the colors and the sheer POP of the characters are all the best that I've seen in a long time.

    This also makes me really really hope that the Runeterra-themed MMO does get finished and ends up being great. I want a modern MMO full of this juicy aesthetic.

  17. in your dream my little boy. capcom capcom capcom capcom is such agarbage rip off rinse and repeat company you wont get you wanted a art style fighting like league or like guilty gear from capcom. BOOIII you better wake TF up. capcom just gonna keep giving you garbage graphic rinse and repeat from them

  18. 18:20
    So for when the two developers are talking in thier video. You can see in the back rigs set up. Two red and two blue grouped up next to each other. LoL has two sides to the map. The red side and blue side. Them being paired next to each other shows that this might be their intentions. Having a 2v2 with each player controlling their own champs during a match.

  19. I think that this game is going to be good. Im excited but im going to keep my expectations in check the monetization could be outrageous so as good as it is im going to keep this in mind.

  20. The art style looks really stylized and amazing, a departure from their more cartoony cell shaded look to a more subdued, comic book style. I think what really sells it is that the colors aren't too bright and flashy outside of the attack moves. If you notice, the character's have really dulled colors but are emphasized by the water painting background, the outline providing clear shape distinction. So really it serves to not only make the game distinct from normal League projects but also provide a clear understanding of what's going on. Although my only complaint is that if you stare too long, it becomes uncanny valley as they pop out almost too much like cardboard cutouts against a waterpainting backdrop.


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