Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Wesker Spotlight

The criminal mastermind from Capcom’s Resident Evil series makes his punishing debut in this MVC3 featurette.

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  1. @Nyneization Thanks.Since I'm usually playing on Expert or w/e its called,Im always using the Hypers when it reaches 1 or 2 because If I'm not careful I get raped 0_0

  2. I think I speak for all RE fans who get this game when I say let's keep the RE characters coming: Let's have Krauser, Hunk, Leon, Claire, Barry. Hell let's get Doctor Salvador in here and William Birkin (G-Virus form)

  3. porfavor no lea esto el 13 de octubre de 1991 un niรฑo llamado nick se tiro%uFEFF de un puente devido a problemas familiares si ya leiste esto deves copiar y pegar en otros 5 videos mas o si no nick vendra por toda tu familia haslo o moriran porfavor hasme caso yo lo lei y lo hise & si es familia de un amigo murio hace una semana

  4. @heronoki ..i don't think that duke survives swimming in lava for a few seconds……
    or a pumpgun shot in the head…..
    or falling down high cliffs….
    or countering captain americas attacks…
    and duke can't do useful things like avoiding bullets
    or throw his shade after an enemy and gets it back everytime..
    just a few things why wesker is better in my opinion

  5. Why are you guys comparing two people that are not even comparable-Wesker and Duke Nukem. Seriously Wesker will tear his ass up! And btw I think Krauser from RE4 looks more like Duke than Wesker…just sayin. They could be twins for goodness sakes!

  6. @heronoki did you play RE5? because wesker is fired by RPG right in the face.. so you cant say he avoid bullet because he will die.. it is just hes habit to impressed people.. lol and touching a gross things like ripping an alien eye is not he's style.. hes a little ostentatious, he surely just launch it with punch.. that's how cool he is.. and don't take this personal of wesker dominating the world.. he just a fictional character and tasked to role as a villain.

  7. @rocklee What on earth are you going on about? don't take it personal?,. hes only a fictional character and tasked to role as a villain!?!?! up the dosage mate ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Even today, Wesker scares the shit out of me. Like that parry at :42. If someone legit had t he reflexes to play wesker to his fullest potential, even magneto from MVC2 wouldn't be able to do shit against him.

  9. Whoever is playing this Wesker sucks. He didn't just jump around the screen doing the gun and teleporting the entire time. THAT'S how you are supposed to use Wesker.

  10. Albert Wesker And Peter Parker The Spider-Man Are Rivals Of Power And Intelligence
    Difference Is
    Wesker Is The Antagonist And He Has Great Power With No Responsibility
    Spider-Man Is The Hero And He Has Great Power Comes To Great Responsibility


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