Mark Cuban blasts Elizabeth Warren: ‘Screw you’

‘Fox & Friends’ hosts weigh in after billionaire Mark Cuban said Sen. Warren is ‘everything wrong with politics.’ #FoxNews

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Comment (4,388)

  1. Since 1889 the Hawaiian Overthrow of the super elite rich has illegally stolen our lands, all acquisitions and natural resources and sold it back to we the Hawaiian people and rightfully owners!
    Meanwhile, by paying taxes it would hurt the Corporations job creation and growth, paying employee wages and would affect health insurance for them as well and la Dee da!
    These super elite rich have been Crisis Capitolism /Christmas Shopping the ordinary workers out of their homes and now out on the streets all over the U.S. and the world! They have bought farmlands that farmers work to feed them and reduced these people to 'peasants!' They have reigned in terror on Canada's Truckers peaceful protesters like elderly had their heads bashed in by Trudeau and his secret police. They are stooping as low as guided tours of people to buy trailer parks, raise the rent on poor people while looking them in the eye and grinning before kicking them to the curb. They are making a killing in this Crisis Capitolism thanks to the COVID pandemic all at once happening worldwide!
    2009 "THE SHOCK DOCTRINE" by Naomi Klein details the Crisis Capitolism in this NYC bestseller.
    Every super elite rich are on this Crisis Capitolism bandwagon of raising prices on everything during a Crisis. The pending Wars are only going to ad to they're Corporate tentacles. Armies both sides need to buy weapons, machinery, hospital supplies, food, hi tech spying equipment, missles, uniforms and personnel armor…etc. A Crisis Capitolism backed by Congress!
    Don't tax the rich? Now whadda ya say?
    2009 The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein…"it's Shocking!"

  2. Good for you Mark cuban,Cuban, am a fan of you,not democrat,lib warren,as we know the wealthy will never admit what she makes,all the ppp loans.mark Cuban busted his butt to get to where he is,he helps others,has a heart,character

  3. I agree with taxing the Rich but it should be fair across the board. But I thought we all have the same opportunity as the next. So everyone has the ability to become Rich this is what Education is all about learning to be a Successfull human being. This is why you pay tuition to go to College to learn how to be someone and it literally starts in Preschool

  4. Oh ok. Fox logic. If you work 90-hour weeks, employ lots of people, and miss your family you do not have to pay taxes. Wow. Where are these 87, 000 new IRS agents coming from? The $78 billion to the IRS over 10 years is not for 87000 new agents targeting middle-income earners, the funds would cover a wide range of positions including IT technicians and taxpayer services support staff, as well as experienced auditors who would be largely tasked with cracking down on corporate and high-income tax evaders. High-income tax evaders, just like billionaires. Why don't you actually report the facts for a change and not Republican sound bites?

  5. Elizabeth Warren, a privileged angry white Karen who voted with Biden to increase the national debt by trillions, whining about successful people that avoid taxes through the very tax policies that she, Elizabeth Warren, also voted for in congress.

  6. She said tax the millionaires til she became one (a millionaire) now its tax the billionaires. Pre-pandemic she was worth about $12mil (and im sure shes got/had pfizer stock) so thats probably increased by around 20% or so. This woman does not own a business married rich 2X's and has been investing your tax dollars into retirement accounts which she regulates and solely profits of (hows your 401k doing?) But shes still making bank of course. (Lifetime Massachusetts resident here so ive felt it 1st hand)

  7. Love how lifetime politicians always say let's tax the rich and do nothing about it. Only if politicians could run the government like billionaires we would have no debt and something would get done.

  8. Everytime I hear people say things like "tax the rich" or "we need to make the rich pay more," I feel like I did watching the mob boss in the movie "John Wick" after he hears his son's reply to his explanation of the title character.

  9. Warren plays on the lowest kind of envy politics but the sums don't add up at all. for example there are 330 million people in USA, if you give each one 3 dollars it costs a billion. If you charge Elon Musk 300 dollars tax for each person then you have taken his whole financial worth and it only pays the bills for i month for 1 person. But now you have no Tesla factories which employ all those people who pay tax. Soaking the rich cannot fix peoples economic problems, even a hundred billion is nothing compared to the needs of 1/3rd of a billion people.

  10. The reason big business does not pay taxes is because the government allows them to reinvest all of their profits so that they grow so that the economy grows I know it's a tough concept for small-minded Democrats to get but that's how it works.

  11. Question: The republican party believes in low taxes. The democrats want to tax the rich into the Stone Age; or at least they say they want to. So why are so many wealthy people democrats?

  12. we all know they paying washington to pass laws so nobody can make a living they lock down everything WHY THEY RICH PERIOD..Open America back up like China is then we have Middle class again like Russia has

  13. Well She needs to Ask California and New York how many rich people have left their States with their Businesses for lower and Friendlier business States. Business are there to make money with their investments. Not pay the Government 80% of their profits to fund their open borders.

  14. Mark Cuban endorsed and voted for Biden and his socialist/communist party’s minions like Pocahontas so it’s funny to hear him revolt against what he supports only when he knows his decision affects him.

  15. Greedy " have nots" jealous and envious of those who have…so they want to take it by force. Who has the greater sin? The rich, or those who covet what the rich have? Even the ten commandants declare "Thou shalt not covet your neighbor's goods, house, wife, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."

  16. While there may be some exceptions, study after study has revealed that the top few % of the earners pay the lion's share of the taxes. We have a progressive tax scale. Not to mention all the jobs they create. And I'm not rich. Not even close.

  17. Billionaires aren't getting paid primarily by "income" like the rest of the 99% of folks, but by capital gains. So while they pay very little in income taxes, they pay an absolute ton in total taxes.

  18. BRIAN……..TIN…LIZZY…..wants….to…..ultra…tax…the….rich….????…..(..ISN'T…SHE…A…MILLIONAIRE….?????…….)…….AND….IF……THE….RICH…(..of…which…she
    …..SHE….PAYS…..(..I'm….betting…..her…accountants…..scour.. ..the….tax…codes….to..use…every….nook….and…cranny….deduction…..TO…HER………
    …….a….***** Magic….ticket*******……that…allows….her…..(..AND…OTHER….CONGRESSIONAL…..MEMBERS….)……TO…ACTUALLY….PAY….LESS….OR
    …..NO……TAXES….?????????????????????….WHICH..IS…WHY…someone….ELSE…/ Rich….


  19. “Paying taxes is the second most patriotic thing we can do, second only to military service”? BS Mark Cuban. Paying taxes has become a redistribution of wealth use by politicians to buy votes, to keep the corrupt in power.

  20. “Look up to the rich”…did they really say that. Does that mean we have to look up to the Fox anchors who make disgustingly large sums of money from their not very discerning views and the advertiser’s who feed of the same people!

  21. Why don’t these politicians pay their share of Taxes?!?! Because a number of them get into politics out and come out Filthy Rich!!! But they want you to pay them more and for people like us to pay Their Taxes!! Sorry, I already pay enough!

  22. What I don't understand is why so many of the extremely poor, blue collar workers keep voting for these people. In reality, while promising the moon, these Democrat politicians deliver "precious little," but instead get filthy rich by their pay-to-play schemes (Biden) or investment games (Pelosi and others), or worse yet, they cost you your job and put our nation's survival at risk by forcing us to buy goods produced in China (few environmental controls, if any)… like electric car batteries (1,000 pounds each…80% of them produced in China). Solar panels, wind turbines… produced in China! So when Biden and Pelosi talk "Green," they're taking about the "green" lining or stuffing their own pockets.

  23. Warren is worth over $10 million. How about she worry about paying her share of taxes because I vet she should be paying more. These politicians are all millionaires and they act like they can relate to the normal working class. That's the most irritating part of this.

  24. Pocahontus, "You are everything wrong with politics" add the squad, Shifty Schiff,Pelosi,Biden, and all the other societal leaches who are making a nice living off political connections. Look at all the money the broke Clintons have today. A total shame how these scumbags have enriched themselves.

  25. Every time I see that wild-eyed warren look and listen to her rant like chaulk on a blackboard, I think to myself, well if she can do it, then…..! But then I look at myself in the mirror and remind myself that I'll have to come back again tomorrow. Could I stand looking at my own reflection if I knew I wasn't an honest birthing person. 🙂

  26. This analogy is correct. I think people misunderstand what incentives are involved in a non taxable system.

    The taxable system encourages people / entrepreneurs. To go out and become productive. And grow your business. At some point, the tax system wants that business owner or entrepreneur to hire employees. And buy goods and services. And if you achieve this goal, or carrot, is you will pay little or no taxes.

    Therefore, it encourages people / entrepreneurs to become successful. The system is available to any citizen in the United States. But you have to know how to navigate those choppy taxable Waters.

    Take each and every NFL coach as an example. Yes they are compensated handsomely. However, they have to or must spend a lot of time honing their craft to become successful. Sometimes 15 hours a day.

    And there is a cost associated with this success. Sometimes they never see their family, the health is questionable because a lot of times they're not exercising or eating correctly. Sometimes, they will live at the facility. Never leaving, and it can sometimes feel like a prison.

    Just imagine, if you were in a building 24 hours 7 days a week for let's say 8 months out of the 12 months. Wouldn't you want to be rewarded, handsomely, for that amount of dedication?

    If they are successful. Then they are rewarded for that. If not, they will no longer have a job. And I am talking about, sometimes, one win or loss. Could be the difference between keeping your job and losing your job.

    Think about that for a minute. They spend thier whole careers and they may have a hundred wins. But it could be that one loss or sometimes even winning that particular game. That could cost that coach his or her job and even career. Now, you can talk about pressure. Because that's pressure.

    So the tax system is designed, as an incentive for the economy and production to grow.

  27. lmfao bannon is indicted he will get 5 years on the first charge and 15 so he is looking at 20 years he is done trump will be indicted soon he will get 20 years and many more indictments to come so he is done many other republicans will go down with trump the republican party is done

  28. As long as We The People allow the political class to exist, moochers like Warren and her ilk will continue to exist. Ayn Rand perfectly described this situation in "Atlas Shrugged": Looters vs. Producers. Warren is a Looter, Mark Cuban is a Producer.

  29. The single largest shareholders of corporate stock are retirement funds for the working middle class. They depend on the profits of corporations to grow their retirement funds so they can afford to retire comfortably after a lifetime of hard work.

    Taxes on corporations are a business expense. They either calculate that expense into the price of their goods and services which causes everybody to pay more for everything they buy. Or they reduce their profits which means retirement funds grow less or not at all which screws the working middle class who are retired or hope to someday retire and live comfortably. Or they do both so prices do not go up as much and the growth of retirement funds is not diminished as much.

    No matter what happens, corporations do not pay taxes. We-the-people pay the taxes. Taxing corporations is just corrupt politicians way of screwing we-the-people more and using corporations to deflect the blame from themselves.

  30. Mark should keep quite. After all he is not Lilly white across the board of being fully humane in all his extremities. I mean it is what it is. He’s no one for me to follow . The greatest thing about this realization. My children spot false anything from straight out of the gate. Because we have educated them where education fails. We Don’t know what fair is. Just ask our children ?🙏🏻🍦 🙏🏻🍦I’ve seen an alcoholic’s personality change drastically out of drinking a non -Alcoholic beer. He hasn’t given up on retreating away from his reality.
    What suffering humans do to themselves .. all out of the dimension I’m calling The Love dimension. This one does us in kind to our not living into it fully according to our birthright glow of being-ness. When we sit on our expressions of every nature and don’t allow experience to penetrate out of it. Well this only happens from there being no Shepards that actually matter to a being’s mental grounding. It’s the Adults that produce the populace. Well at least I’m stepping back and drawing back further than I think is applicable. Always searching for more truth about being fully humane and free from shackles of every nature from within. Ha. Teachers know nothing about the dynamic’s of education for living . Nothing ! And no criteria exist for humane excellence . After all these centuries .. I’m stupefied 🙏🏻🍦🫐 We don’t know what fair is… and thank you for reading. It’s been heavy on my consciousness.

  31. There is an army of lobbyists that constantly pander to politicians to get their particular company or business subsidies and tax breaks . So in that way the playing field is never fair. But that does not mean the politicians have to give it to them.

  32. Hey Liz, I make more than you, don’t pay a penny in income tax, and there’s nothing that you can do about it. You could replace the income tax with a consumption tax and I would have to pay but I know that you aren’t that smart


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