Mandatory Car SPEED LIMITERS Are Coming!

The European Union has confirmed that every car must have a mandatory speed limiter, and it looks very much as if the UK will follow suit. What does it all mean for drivers, and is there any way around it?

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Comment (0)

  1. I would have thought having something annoying a driver who is trying to concentrate on the road as they should be instead of something taking their attention away from the road and cause an accident.

  2. Why make it so complicated? Would it not be simpler to create a system that does not allow the driver to exceed the speed limit? That will of course require that cars can read road signs properly.
    And just to be clear I’m not a fan of this sort of government nannying but this is coming regardless of what I think so we might as well get a simple and working system.

  3. If there weren’t accidents caused by speeding ALL THE TIME you wouldn’t need it. The measures proposed don’t go far enough. Legal electric scooters are limited why not cars that actually do the damage.

  4. I THINK THIS IS A GREAT IDEA. I hate constantly having to look at the speedo instead of the road. to be honest, If the car would just drive me around on its own that would be perfect. driving these days is not fun. its misery.

  5. brits can't blame the EU now. lol. they can go and do whatever the fk they want now. That's their business. Maybe finally they'll realize that when the UK continues to oppress them with endless regulations that the true enemy was their own government! lol.

  6. geez folks, all this talk of govt overlords is a bit over the top. If our freedoms were really under fire , how would we allow the endless trump sycophants spewing fantasy stories about stolen elections complete with ballots from china, dead people voting etc. In some cases we are too free. Justice and truth don't matter. Free to lie with no accountability. Lovely. Most folks who die from Covid , chose to freely NOT vaccinate. Enjoy your freedom. But use it wisely.

  7. When I drive my Wife's Passatt GTE & it 'sees' a business poster its tells me that its a 'dynamic road sign'? I have set my S5 so that it bleeps at me at 80mph, that's good enough for me. All the best Rory…..

  8. Reading most of these comments makes me very worried that you people are on the roads! You think you need to speed to make driving fun and aren’t concerned that over 700 people are killed by speeding drivers every year?
    Or pretend to yourself that your speeding is safe but having a car telling you not to, that would be dangerous!
    Just to be clear to those people, you are the reason this law is coming in!

  9. I'm visiting D.C. (US) and there's a speed camera every block. I wouldn't mind a speed limiter in the city that you can turn on and off. Lots of slamming on brakes and people gunning it for no reason.

  10. Considering that autonomous cars are coming, limiters are just a given.
    In other words everything is going to be sanitised. “How dare you speed”
    1984 is coming.

  11. Maybe in the UK lol. They'll probably put bubble wrap on every hard surface in that country soon. Mandate helmet wearing any time you leave the house. The English are actually starting to make the French look like tough guys these days.

  12. I think road signs or major roads and highways will become high-tech and interactive with the cars, meaning cars will constantly be in communication with the road networks and ultimately be controlled that way. It’s coming, just a matter of time. This will be the end of performance variety. It won’t matter what car you drive. We’re just going to sit back and do things to entertain ourselves to pass the time. So cars will be about interior comfort and gadgets. Performance will be insignificant.

  13. Whilst keeping to the speed limit is important, there's always that time when the car in front is doing 65mph and you want to overtake. To overtake safely and quickly, you sometimes need to reach 75mph (which I believe is legal when overtaking) to get past then back to 70mph. Speed limiters would not alow you to do that, unless of course they are only visual/sounding.
    Being able to accelerate quickly, even if it means exceeding the limit, can get you out of a tricky situation, safely.

  14. No need for speed limiters. Every car should be fitted with a GPS black box, easy to retrofit as well, so that any car owner whose car exceeds the speed limit automatically gets sent a notification and, if the speed is above the excessive level that attracts a fine and points, then that also gets sent automatically. Don’t know who the driver was, then you get the fine and points for not declaring who was driving. We don’t need excess speed on the roads period. It’s not complicated – speed does kill, your “nada nada nada” comments are offensive to those who have had loved ones killed by speeding drivers losing control of their car.

  15. im sick of that phrase 'speed kills'. if that was true, why are everyone who has been on an aeroplane not died? after all they travel much faster than ANY road legal car is capable of going! speed DOESNT kill, its MISUSE/inappropriate use of speed and then CRASHING that kills.

  16. Initially they'll be no data loggers on board, and you'll be able to turn of the intelligent speed assist. Although by default everytime you start the car it will come back on. But that's only to allow the adoption of the system, eventually it will be tracking us, and sending information. Whether it can do directly to police, I'm not too sure due to the data protection laws. But then again if you are breaking the law, your data will never be safe.

    So yeah I'm gonna buy a new car hopefully by the end off 2022, and I'm gonna ride that car out all the way till it dies. At which point I'll have to go electric, and just follow the system. At which point I'll be like my grand dad, talking about the good old days 😫

  17. its outright stupid. When i took my dads kodiaq for a spin on the autobahn i was going 160kph with acc on. then suddently the car detected a non existing 60 zone out of nowhere and did what was close to a emergency braking. Good thing the road was empty cause that could have been dangerous smh glad my 2017 car has no gimicks and stupid features

  18. Majority of people speed the majority of time where the conditions allow it and we have a very good safety record and speed isn't the main reason for accidents.

    First manufacturer who runs the system through a separate fuse will win.

    Failing hacks increase in imports.

  19. Why are they producing cats that can 'speed' at 120 mph, when U.K. has a 70 mph speed limit.? Common sense, if you want a racing car, go race on a racing track..

    Why do you think that automatic limiters were installed onto racing cars in pit lanes, to stop accidents..

    Vehicles will be limited to national speed limits automatically, enter a 30 mph limit, the vehicle will be limited to 30 mph.. Don't like it, move to Mars..

    U Tube (c) has lots of accident videos caused by speeding drivers, not accidents you want to be involved in..

  20. So does this mean if we follow a truck with a sticker on its arse-end saying 90 (90kmh = 56mph) the car will commit suicide up the arse of said truck???. Sounds like a great idea if you're suicidal not so much if you've got your family in there with you.

    I think road signs need to change first, tech needs to develop a way signs "talk" to the car not the car "read" the sign. That way the signs on vehicles or banners for birthdays etc or false road signs popped up to enable over speeding would affect the ISA systems in equipped cars.

    A vehicle that is "reading" signs via a camera system can be inundated with incorrect information, eg road signs removed, painted over, swapped etc but if data is "transmitted" by a radio frequency then regardless of signage to human eyes, the car would not be confused.

    This however, would require close range frequency transmittance to prevent overlaps of conflicting information. Also the transmission would need to be directional, not omnidirectional to prevent speed changes affecting traffic in the opposite direction or crossing your path such as side roads crossing dual carriageways.

    TBH I don't see this technology reducing accidents at this stage of development. It is a greater risk than a benefit, however I do see the alternative being used in the meantime, that is the same technology as is employed by HGVs in that the top speed is "governed" to 70mph to prevent excessive speed on motorways, dual carriageways and rural routes.

    As a former HGV driver for over 25 yrs, I'm used to being restricted in my use of speed, and know only too well that whatever is put onto a vehicle to restrict its speed movement or monitoring can be tampered with and by-passed. That is all that will happen with any attempt to restrict drive autonomy and freedom of choice.

  21. Easy just just don't buy a new car after all the BS comes in . Or iff it can be turned off that would be ok? It would be crunch time wen it can NOT be turned off! The new cars should be left in the sail yard to rot ????makers will get the picture , people don't won't the shit boxes.

  22. It might be not so bad when these systems work, but our 2020 BMW a few days ago kept nagging me that I was doing more then the FIVE MPH speed limit it thought it had seen somewhere, even though the actual limit where I was was 30.

    Can you imagine all the people that will be sticking 10 mph speed limit signs up on their dustbins and lampposts to automatically slow down passing traffic?

  23. This is big brother or government controlling the citizens rights and freedoms-simple oppression. Not good for the citizens. Dump all speed limiters and government controls on the citizens life.

  24. Instant fine when going over the speed limited. I can see insurance companies will require all your driving data including daily trips, speed the car is being driven. Welcome to the Great reset.

  25. not for the EV's ! Only internal combustion engines . the Canadian insurance board stated that every time the EV is plugged in it downloads the driver information . the electric supply company also gets that information and under the UN 2030 sustainability accord you could be rationed for usage . The information showed that EV 's are 60% more likely to be in an accident .

  26. step #1 set engine control unit so top speed is 70mph. nowhere i britain are you allowed to do more. it would be easy to do. anyone doing 70+ will stand out like a sore thumb

  27. I'm glad to see that! And I guarantee you that the tuner shops are going to be getting visits from the feds just like the diesel shops are now!!!

  28. The lane keep assist is already dangerous and annoying enough on its own lol. I can't emphasize enough how many times my new car PUSHED itself towards other cars and almost made me crash while my old $H!TBox never gave me such trouble. And Yes I turned the feature off. Imagine when they push this new feature. Smart technology in cars keeps making them stupider at this point. It might be a little bit boomer to say such thing But I genuinely believe in this.

  29. Most sat navs know all the speed limits so just set cars not physically allow cars to exceed them. You would not be able to moan because you should not exceed the speed limit in the first place. If you are on a track day no problem as the sat nav knows it not a highway so no speed limit. Limit ALL commercial vans and trucks however small to 56mph, no more white van tos*er.

  30. I call bullshit bullshit why would the cops allow themselves to lose revenue an speeding tickets are there best source an trucks already have it but ya can get round that in 2secs


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