Manchester United vs. Real Sociedad: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD1 | CBS SPorts Golazo

Manchester United has found their form under new manager Erik ten Hag. Their mettle will be tested by Real Sociedad and star man Mikel Oyarzabal.

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  1. So sad seeing Ronaldo this bad. Idk how he thought he was entitled to joining a CL team when he can barely handle a Europa League one. I love Cris but he’s clearly not fit to play in this team at it’s current moment

  2. What a bad call ref. I'm fair in my judgements despite my love of United and that wasn't a handball. He pulled his arms to his body therefore he was in a natural position at the moment the ball hit his elbow which is amazing as he was diving in the air… what ref? You think Martinez shouldn't have arms. According to FIFA rules not a handball. Also United get your stuff together especially CR7 those should have been slotted home, quit being lazy and get back on side, also quit diving your not weak a** Neymar those little touches and dives won't get called in any league anymore.

  3. All the Ronaldo hate and insults scream of Schadenfreude. I don't get it. Dude's arguably the hardest worker in the history of the sport, and his resume is 'The GOAT' caliber (Only player to ever win 5 UCL titles ALL as the top goal contributor for all 5 titles, never done before, and never will be done again – Messi has only done this 3 times). Put some respect on his talents. He was THIRD in the league in goals (ahead of Harry Kane, with more outside the box goals than Kane too) last season without the likes of Erikson at his disposal; and had he started every game last season like he should have, he might have won the golden boot (and salvaged United a UCL spot).

    He was voted BY THE PLAYERS of the EPL into the PFA Team of the Year reserved for who the PLAYERS think were the BEST 11 players in the league from that season. Ronaldo made the list.

    If you're gonna hate, at least provide empirical data to back up your point. He hasn't started in ages, he needs time to develop chemistry with all the new players. Antony and Ronaldo have never played before.

    But haters gonna hate. This wouldn't be the first or second time Ronaldo has been doubted. The movie isn't over yet…stay tuned.

  4. I’m not even a Man U fan but that’s deff not a penalty. The man is falling in the air, what else do you want him to do with his arms ?
    Also those Man U jerseys are 🤮🤮

  5. lmaoooo god i love watching this club fail. they’re ignorant past-living fans deserve this so much 😂 imagine thinking you deserve to be good currently cuz you dominated a decade and a half plus ago 😂😂😂 nobody gives af about Man U anymore and nobody is scaring them, this isn’t the late 90’s 😂😂😂

  6. Not a fan of United. Happy Sociedad won but that should NOT be a penalty.

    How on earth Martinez is going to avoid that is beyond me. It hit his leg first and ricocheted upwards.

    There was no intention on the player's part. His arms were there to break his fall.

    These penalty "hand ball" rules are getting ridiculous.

    As is lack of discretion these days.

    Like last match Arsenal – Ref had a good view of Odegaard on Erickson, saw nothing wrong, let it go but then gets intervened by dreaded VAR and feels compel to overturn it. Absurd. Its spoiling the game.

    Rules are meant to be interpreted. Its too literal these days.

  7. All these trashtalking man ure fans can shut it now about their stupid revival. Same old same old deluded arrogance, never feel sorry for them .

    so what if it was a soft penalty . the ref at old toilet last Sunday was obviously bought by man yoo. Arsenal should have had two penalties . and that rugby tackle by skilless Mcsauce ?? that was a straight red. Hello ??

    justice well served today. at least Uefa refs are not cowered by the arrogant yobs at old toilet. Glory to Real Sociedad for the shock!

  8. I'd be fuming if my team were ever to have this penalty ruled against us but to be honest, I think that is a penalty, yes it deflected off his leg to his arm and that's a "handball" but if it isn't then they should just name it "armball" or something else. If we were to say it was unintentionally blocked with his elbow (which was obviously unintended), then there'll be many more unfair calls just because of some handball BS.

  9. As un-intentional as it maybe, the ball hit Martinez , heading towards the goal post & if his hands wasn’t in the way might end up in the net or anywhere..That’s a hand ball…

  10. i hope that ETH start to you some of the youth more in the EL and the cups the PL starting 11 needs a little break. but this game showed ETH how many more players he needs. Harry wasnt terrible last night not sure why he is being blasted Fred and Cas was worse then Harry same with Lindelof, CR still isnt 100% fit yet but i think he will be banging them in really soon again.

  11. That midget Martinez just like those overzealous sliding and tackling. Deal with the consequences. Where was Anthony? Big boys play in multiple competitions and still prioritize them all. Fans are stuck dreaming

  12. I love how Ronaldo wanted to leave for a team in the champion's league & then the first game he starts this season is in the Europa league.


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