Mama bear takes dip in backyard pool as cubs watch

Four bear cubs waited patiently for their mother to take a bath in a family swimming pool in Arcadia, Calif.

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Comment (848)

  1. Бедняжка медвежонок- такой слабенький, меньше всех. Ох, не жилец он- еле ходит, и еды достаётся меньше всех…

  2. Omg the cubs are cute and adorable. Pure love. The momma bear is also so affectionate, but don't let that fool you. Stand in between it and the cub, and momma will tear you apart into pieces.

  3. THAT was awesome! What a treat for the homeowners. And those Cubs… OMGoodness!! ☺️💕☺️❤️ The cutest bear Cubs ever!!
    I hope the runt does alright!

  4. Poor things, that cement must have been hot to their paws and they're drinking chlorinated water. I feel so bad we are reducing wildlife areas more and more. Where will they go? This is problem we need to solve, we need to learn how to share the planet with our fellow neighbors.

  5. Seems like Momma is having a relaxing day with the cubs! Dip in the pool, foraging in the flowers, sightseeing in the neighborhood…next stop…Disney! 😂 Those cubs look pretty young.


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