Making Holiday Candy Canes | Disneyland Park

You can watch the lost art of candy cane making at Disneyland park. They also make other fresh holiday treats like peppermint bark and snow man caramel apples! Then come try one:

Watch more videos from the Holiday Season at Disney Parks!

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Making Holiday Candy Canes | Disneyland Park

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  1. @CrystalJupiter Wrong. Florida really doesn't make any candy in their candy shops. The only things they make now are just the various caramel apples and maybe rice krispie treats. Only Disneyland makes candy canes and various chocolate candies and peanut brittle.

  2. Wow, this is really quite amazing. Candy canes are something you always think of as an omnipresent backdrop for Christmas, it's incredible that making them was once such a lovingly labor intensive process. I can just picture a candy shop owner a hundred years ago rising at dawn the morning after Thanksgiving to make the candy canes, and the neighborhood children peaking through the window, oohing and awing, then eating them while they're still warm warm. Awwwwwww.

  3. That guy with glasses that made the hook of the candy cane in the end showed up in the minnie apple vid and it sounds like in both of those vids I can't hear his voice

  4. ahhh i remember having this saved on my ipad and watching it over and over cus I didn't know how to go through youtube yet. so nostalgic. rest in peace Rob, you will be remembered


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