Major League: Back To The Minors

Minor league pitcher Gus Cantrell is about to be put out to pasture when he is given the opportunity to do the next best thing: manage the South Carolina Buzz. The ailing baseball team is full of terrible players, but owner Roger Dorn is banking on Cantrell to make a top-notch franchise out of them. While trying to work miracles on the wacky lineup, Cantrell butts heads with the uppity manager of the Minnesota Twins, resolving their conflict on the field.

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  1. I love all the Major League movies. One of the teams they played during the season is the local team near me here in North Carolina. Their name has changed since this movie but they're still fun to go watch.

  2. What’s so tough about playing the Twins. The Buzz shouldn’t have stage fright playing in front of 4200 fans. Hell, at Dodger Stadium that is the number of people biting into a Dodger Dog at the same time! Blahahaha

  3. 32 seconds: No runner on 1st, Lefty at bat. 48 seconds: Runner on 1st, Righty at bat. 52 seconds: Balk.

    1 minute in and the continuity errors are all over the place.

  4. I know it's a good family movie and I appreciate that. Though, that being said you can tell 90% of these actors have never thrown a baseball in their lives until shooting this movie. It's about as bad as "Harris" in the original movie. Kuddo to them for making the movie though.


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