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The story of Swift, a five-week-old meerkat pup who has been born in one of the harshest places on Earth – the Kalahari Desert. A drought has hit the region, food is scarce and Swift’s family are hungry.

Planet Earth Live | A Meerkat’s Tale | BBC

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  1. Timon (Nathan Lane): "You see any hyenas out here?"

    Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella): "None yet, except for that one over there. Hey Jeyluxhal!"

    The hyena whom Zazu (Rowan Atkinson) calls "a snake in the grass without a tongue" walks past the warthog, brushing his side-to-side swaying primordial pouch against his large snout as he walked by

    Timon: "Never heard of too-close-for-comfort since… wait, what year was he born again?"

  2. Thanks for the great video, 🎥🎬 that's pretty amazing! I added your video to our Nature Inspired Video's Playlist. The Meerkats also Inspired me to create funny (Christmas) 'Photo Cartoons' from them as you can read about on my (Photography) Blog 🎄🎄🎅

  3. Meerkat: These things are odd. Are they trees or animals? They make sounds and breath like animals, but they are stationary and sturdy like trees.

    Other meerkat: Dude, that one was over there yesterday

    Meerkat: migratory talking trees.

  4. It takes angelic patience to approach them and then be accepted. Spend several months to finally have this! A family of Meerkats who adopt you….Happiness….
    After; I think that return to the "normal life" should no longer have the same taste…😍

  5. Scientific researchers and camera men must be such strange creatures to the animals they record. Often much larger but entirely docile. While standing off as much as possible.

  6. Remarkable how their species thinks. If they deem that you're not a threat they find a use for you. In this reporter's case, he was being used as a sightseeing tower, and warthogs are seen as non-threatening insect buffets.


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