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  1. At 2:06 and as he goes on to make the long shot to end the first quarter, I went back each time to watch each of the Magic players and the bench to see their reaction of Stephens' three pointer.
    It would be so much fun having a video of all Stephens' amazing shots and the opposing teams players reactions.

  2. Curry’s gotta hog that ball better, the Magic came up with some easy steals from iso’ing him up top and rushing at him to close out his dribble space. Simple to avoid but Steph works magic still.

  3. Once Klay Thompson comes back he's going to be an absolute shell of what he used to be. 3 straight years of no competition, 3 years older, 2 catastrophic injuries and 3 missed seasons. It's going to take him 2-3 years to get back to what he was before.

  4. So steph needs to make 16 3's vs portland in the next game cuz curry promises the fans that he will surpass ray allen at home court and portland is the last game at home before they go on the road again

  5. Sometime I feel like when Curry do sloppy dribbles and passes he's doin it coz he feelin bad for the other team, so he's making them catch up a little when they're like 20+pts lead.

  6. Wiggs over there proving everyone wrong, curry actin tf up again, JP heatin up again, KUMINGA IS FINALLY GETTING CONFIDENT! I love to see it. They counted the warriors as done last season, I ended up buying more jerseys because they were priced low and now look! WARRIORS TAKING IT ALL!

  7. Over all Steph got a great game and tons of amazing highlights even if one 3 wasn't counted but still is considered a highlight coz he is Stephen amazing curry!!

  8. 1:00 The synchronicity of other 4 warrior players when steph shot the ball they already started going back to the other side while the ball was still on the air is insane. The trust.

  9. game highlights for GSW
    4:33 JP what are you doin? 👀
    – wiggins on fire making straight 3s 🔥
    – kuminga's airplane mode
    – steph becomes top 3pt shooter all time soon.

    – what a game for GSW makes a lot of statement showed. 💪🔥🔥🔥

  10. So People understand this, THIS WARRIORS TEAM is just as good as the 73-9 team believe it or not AND they could very well be undefeated if it wasn't for mental lapses and unnecessary unforced turnovers. The Warriors do not annnnd i repeat DO NOT have what is considered a good loss meaning EVERY SINGLE GAME they lost so far they should've won if it wasn't for some careless play. The loss to the Spurs should've never happened and once they got the lead with less than 3mins to play, that should've been lights out. This team has proven this year that they can win the close games. Had the magic been a different team, Curry with all his fantastic shooting (finally again) he could've been the reason they lost because of his carelessness with the ball. He needs to correct that and that goes for the whole team at that point. Curry also needs to recognize that if they're down with a couple minutes left and his shot hasn't been falling the whole game, he has the game to take it to the rack and go for the 2. There defense is more than capable of getting a couple of stops especially when it was the defense that helped to get you back in the game. 5 for 28 shooting and 4 for 21 shooting is uncalled for. Stop going for the homerun all the time and that also goes for the other players. Trust your defense when your down by maybe 4 or 5 points and go for the easy 2. They have the personnel now who can get their shot especially if the 3 is unavailable. No need to force a 3 and come up empty handed when it's other options. Let's go Warriors..

  11. Whoever number 21 is i don’t know how long you’ve been here or if your blind but In warriors ball warriors dynasty 101 you go with the hot hand you feed the hot hand you play unselfish ball it’s bigger than you you just watched Steph hit Wiggins plenty of times when he could have “made something happen” but it’s bigger than that at 8:48 you GOT to hit kuminga in the corner it’s bigger than who scores that 1 bucket

  12. W's biggest road stretch coming up – question is, will Klay be back and, if so, how healthy? We know he'll shoot ok but will he have the same defensive mobility he used to have? If he's even close to as good as he was before the injuries, the W's are going to be a beast.

  13. When klay gets back with full health..some of these guys i can see will have a decrease in mins…especially if klay getting 32 plus mins , and with wiseman coming back it wont be the same, the rotations wont consists of looney,moody, lee, maybe even kuminga , they will definitely have a decrease in mins


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