Madagascar: Vanilla farmers

United Nations, February 2011 – Vanilla — it’s one of our favourite flavors. It’s in everything from ice cream to coffee. But for many of the farmers who grow it, life is proving to be anything but sweet. Here’s our story.

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21st Century Episode 52

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  1. Glad that you brought up the cheating "mislabeling" by industrial ice cream and yogurt producers that is reducing the demand for real Natural Vanilla Beans and killing the incomes of vanilla farmers around the World. In the USA, over 100 million American consumers are getting ripped off and cheated when they buy the mislabeled food products. The U.S. FDA should do its job and enforce the Federal Standards of Identity for Vanilla. Nothing wrong with Artificial flavors, just label them right.

  2. This year in Madagascar the local selling price for green vanilla beans to the farmers was between USD $7.00/kg – $10.00/kg. The vanilla farmers are very happy this year. Last year as a comparison, the local selling price for green vanilla beans was between USD $3.00/kg – $4.00/kg which is still a good price for the farmers. Before this, the selling price for cured vanilla beans got so low that many vanilla farmers around the World simply stopped growing vanilla. This lead to a tight supply.

  3. Hello, thank so much for the information,means the prices of vanilla beans has increase on this year? How about the next harvest forecast?Indonesian problem today where amount of vanilla farmer has decrease.

  4. This is good! people should stop entirely importing the local African and Latin American produces. The farmers simply don't get paid enough for all this exploitation.Let them find another source of living.


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