MacBook Pro 14 & 16 Full Review – 1 Month Later!

The MacBook Pro 14 & 16 are arguably the World’s Best Laptops… but do they live up to the hype, and which should you buy? ▶ Check out the Hyundai Ioniq 5:

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Partly sponsored by Hyundai

00:00 My Biggest Review
01:01 Why you SHOULDN’T Buy one
02:15 Best Laptops in the World?
04:29 How Much!?
05:34 MBP 14 vs 16
07:04 AD – Hyundai Ioniq 5
08:50 Performance (Pro vs Max)
11:15 Let’s talk screens.
12:39 Notchy Notch.
13:20 Conclusion

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  1. Finally I got my 16” 64Gb and I got my clear idea ab the matter (that is the only one I take care :-). This little beast has to be charged with a lot of tasks to really show his muscles. With 2-3 video compressions and normal use of Safari or similar (all toghether) you can realize the real power

  2. I’ve got a 14 inch M1 max on the way coming from a 16” i9 and I’d be a lot more concerned about battery/fans were I coming from an M1. Can’t wait for the extra portability

  3. Great content as usual. Please advise if one has purchased M1 MacBook Air with 16GB Ram & 512GB, for future proof. Do you think it’s worth going to the new base line M1 MacBook Pro 14 inch instead. Don’t do any video editing or coding but heavy user with Chrome tabs and occasionally playing emulator games. Thanks

  4. Fun fact…Apples mini led forced companies to make OLED laptops affordable cos mini led can potentially replace OLED as it has same advantages of oled yet u don’t hve to worry bout OLED burn in

  5. 6:30, The Cat : "… miaow, 'tis ain't funny."
    Anyways, as a MacBook user I'm a little bit weird – I simply need that fully integrated Bootcamp to load Windows as well, otherwise (for me) the higher price tag cannot be justified if I cannot switch to Windows as well. Getting the new Macbook Pro (for me) means switching in between two laptops, which is not the best solution …

  6. Have any of you guys actually tried a decent 120hz screen.. you keep bringing this up on the pro. But the screen in actual pixel response close to the worst on marked.. played with one in the apple store and watch the hardware unboxed measurements. It is a great screen for content creation but for movement even the old macbook pro screen with a 60hz screen has faster pixel response so they could have left the 120hz feature in the bin

  7. I have about 80 tabs up at any one time while streaming, so I had to get get more RAM (don’t want too much swap use) and at that point paying just $200 for 24gb GPU just makes more sense. I returned my 14” and ordered the 16”, the 14” is just not made for the MAX chip.

  8. I need the power comparable or close to my AMD 5900X in a laptop form factor and the 16in M1 Max satisfied everything. I occasionally game and Geforce Now RTX 3080 some what negate the short coming of AAA titles.
    And I don't get the touch screen crave at all. People must really love seeing their finger prints on the screen.

  9. Am I wasting money? Ordered base 16 inch. Only use for basic email, web surfing etc but want large screen and portable aspect. M1 with 256GB only $799 at Costco. Just don’t want to be tied to a screen

  10. I was patiently waiting for the release of the 14 inch macbook Pro but now, the battery life pushes me towards the 13 inch M1 mac. The bulky look also dilutes my interest in the 14. 😔

  11. No mention of Google Stadia with cloud gaming? It's truly impressive how well it works. Always worth including it as a mention alongside any others.

  12. Still no replaceable battery that you can simply replace yourself? C'mon Apple. At least you guys are heading in the right direction now by not over obsessing over "thinness".

  13. 16" MacBook Pro, M1 Max with 32 GPU cores, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD.

    Ready for those game titles – already there are at least three universal titles, and any future AAA ports should be universal and optimized for these puppies.

    Who knows? Maybe someday AAA publishers will forgive Apple for deprecating OpenGL in favor of Metal, and killing 32 bit x86 in preparation for the move to Apple Silicon. Even though they paid dearly for the transition, perhaps someday they'll see that Apple was channeling developers into a one checkbox conversion to Apple Silicon in Xcode.

  14. I know I am getting caught up haha but the 16" m1 Pro is what I want! The ports, screen and silence sells it for me. It's such a weird dilemma but doing audio engineering on this is going to be a dream in a home studio. Also coming from a 15" 2015 I can't go for the 13" air… Just have to save up for the new year and bite the bullet woo! Big Love Tom from a fellow Brit too! Always love the content

  15. I have an amazing OLED 4K Lenovo X1 Extreme Thinkpad (9th Gen i9) it matches the M1 2020 chips despite being almost 3 years older!! But I am getting a little bit of FOMO as I was MacBook Pro before and my 2011 lasted me a neat 8 years with 8GB of RAM (upgraded to 16GB in later years)….

    I think I may upgrade when the M2 MacBooks come out in 2022.


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