Luminousz Ztar: Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

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#1 Become mindful of your body, emotions and thoughts without judgment.

#2 Become mindful of the quality of the toxic relationship. Stop idealizing and take inventory of how and what is really being contributed in the relationship, beginning with yourself. Visualize a healthy relationship whereas your needs and desires are met.

#3 Plan and coordinate a private memorial for the toxic relationship(s). This represents you letting go of toxic relationships.

Research: Candle magic. Different colors of candles serve various purposes. Please be mindful and proceed with discretion. This is only a suggestion. Results may not be exactly what you expect.

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  1. when we stop resisting / holding on /struggling .. we can see everything clearer , things flow naturally .. we must ask ourselves why are we holding onto them & what is the better replacement for all of that .. cretin survival mechanisms don't serve us no more especially our soul purpose which is evolving and becoming our greatest version .. thank you dear mwaaaaaah <33333333


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