Louisville Slugger Unveils New “MLB Prime” Bat

Check out the new 2013 “MLB Prime” Major League baseball bat from Louisville Slugger, which consumers can buy at retail for the first time. See how the sluggers are made for players like Derek Jeter and Josh Hamilton with WSJ reporter Jeff Bush. This video has been edited to correct a name.
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Comment (111)

  1. Probably not swinging Louisville retail wood ever again. Their pro wood is awesome but that's for the pros. Sticking to marucci and old hick and maybe Rawlings for ash

  2. Is the real reason they are switching to Maple is the Emeral Ash Borer is killing all the Ash trees? They make Maple sound like it is the best wood but if it was then why were they always made out of Ash wood?

  3. These are the Only Bats that I will buy & When I played years ago, They were the Only ones , That I would hit with, During any Game, They are a Legend in MLB History etc.

  4. I've been in the Museum and the factory in Louisville, it was really cool for me since I love baseball. It was also cool on how they make the bats. I've also passed slugger field while I was there

  5. Why does music have to be played underneath dialogue continuously? Are we as a species so distracted, so deficient in our ability to concentrate on one thing at a time that we need the constant sound of instruments playing? Will people get bored within two minutes if there's only the human voice to listen to? Apparently that's what video makers think. And if they're right, we're doomed to mediocrity.

  6. Maybe you will try making some and soaking them like drift wood before sanding and painting the bats. They will be harder with the minerals in water. The minerals the hard of a bat. Maybe with a cave man club logo and the word driftwood . I was thinking after painting, and lacquering the bats you could dip the handle end in a rubberized/polymer mixed paint coating for smooth grippier texture.

  7. Only 15% of MLB players use slugger. They have been going downhill ever since John Hillerich IV took over in 2000/2001 from his Father. Only reason company is still in business is because of the museum. Even the museum has gone downhill since Covid hit in 2020. The museum got rid of some amazing employees and tour guides and now all the tour is is videos and guides that are not knowledgeable


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