LOST Video Of Jada Making Will’s Life MISERABLE

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  1. She is so toxic to Will. She doesn’t care about him. She uses him. He tried to protect her that night and she didn’t care. She laughed and never checked on how he felt. Should go after her instead of him. Blackball her from her projects.

  2. I’d say most western women are narcissistic in their nature. They think they can immaculate you, and treat you however. Sick state of the western women. They are as a majority destroying men ecwrywhere

  3. Bloody hell, this is actual mental cruelty. The poor guy looks broken. You're absolutely right, Jesus, you'll never 'win' against a narcissist, and they will NEVER CHANGE. Once they know they have you in their power, your only option, for the sake of your own sanity, is to leave. The irony is, Will could do SO MUCH BETTER than Jada… but she's crushed that belief right out of him too.

  4. Why is the women always blamed? Will decided to hit and curse at Chris. Will had relationships outside of his marriage (not just Jada).

    I wanted to like your channel, but you’re promoting sexism to cash in on a trend, and this is very disappointing.

  5. Whew chile!!!! Jadabel (Jezebel's little sister) is a hot mess and totally out of order!! Ladies, we need to know "when".
    If your husband says that it's not the time, then it's not the time! Know when and stop trying to push him over.
    Thanks Jesus for the real tea ☕!!! I'm a subscriber!!

  6. She was killing two birds with one stone there. 1 killing Wills esteem with mockery and bullying and 2 sarcastically letting everyone know Esther failed and was useless and couldn't save them.. leaving the only one of power,.herself.

  7. I knew there was more to the story. That's why I refused to have an opinion on the slap. That's not will. That was will under stress. I pray he finds healing. I think Jada is poison.

    Just look at the kids…there's more to the story.

  8. Another sad soul sick example of Jada's boundary violation enabled by Will & Jada's unhealthy relationship. I lived in Seattle with a malignant narcissist who tried to break my mind, body & spirit every chance he could. I called off the wedding & left him to save myself. It seems crazy that Will chose to stay in his situationship, then went on to do the inexcusable justifying his displaced anger to assault Chris Rock. Glad to hear Will is in rehab.I wonder if when he gets out if he'll decide he needs to divorce Jada – which imo he ought to have done years ago.

  9. It can also happen in sport, especially when you are a winner. That saying "everyone loves a winner" is so wrong I have seen with my own eyes how groups gather to "put down " a man or woman who has been at the top of her/his game for a long time. It's horrendous groups of adults filled with jealousy take on narcissistic manipulation to create such tension against a player who constantly beats them….I've seen it for years I only wished I had been able to recognise that groups can project narcissus onto 1 individual.

  10. As a black woman I'm so sick of these black females out there who equate being a confrontational, disrespectful bitch to being "A strong black woman".

  11. There is a chance that this was all manipulation. This ‘reluctance’ to be filmed and it exposed on his social media, maybe to change the opinion of the public so they find new sympathy for him after all the criticism

  12. I don't disagree with anything you've said, but isn't it possible that this was acting on both their parts for their red table show? They are professionals, after all. Is their relationship really that toxic or are they doing it for attention?

  13. What I also found appalling was how Jada seemingly takes a piece of psychological/ therapeutic advice and twists it into an instrument to further undermine and humiliate her husband. This is most certainly not what Esther Perel intended with the advice she gives in her books and public talks. So the name and concepts of a respectable relationship therapist are getting smeared as well in the process. All because Jada tries this childish "see, the teacher thinks you're wrong, too!" In fact, it is just Jada behaving awful to her spouse and having the nerve to film this in order to promote her show, demonstrating how she considers her own success more important than her relationship with her husband and how she actually begrudges him his success and tries to saotage it, when she knows full well that without Will Smith by her side, nobody would be interested in her. It is beyond me, how so many narcicissts can tape how they bully their partners and then believe that this is somehow showing how inferior their partners are and how the narcicisst is so superior. The opposite is the case.

  14. I noticed you mentioned how Will is going to go to a rehab clinic and I'm wondering if you think that will be successful? Rehab clinics are usually if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and I guess other things but in this case he's addicted to a narc. I think it's sort of ironic that the term "narc" could also being abbreviation for narcotics because they probably work in a similar fashion. IT does occur to me that it's almost like you need your hit everyday and as long as you're in the presence of that narc they will hit on you in just the way that she did on this video.
    I thank you for this video because I heard this interaction between them and yet seeing it made it actually much more vivid and I could see the destruction that's occurring in this man. HE is actually losing his soul just as a person addicted to narcotics loses their soul over time. THEY think they can take a little and they can make it and then a little more and then a little more. BUT back to my original question: do you really think there's a Rehab Clinic that can get a person off of a addiction to a narc as opposed to getting off narcotics which I think would be easier?

  15. Two expressions come to mind re Will Smith: Be careful what you wish for and The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. This dude had only been married to his wife for two years and they had a baby boy, not yet two, when he met Jada, when she auditioned for that role on Fresh Prince. Jada didn’t get the role, so he never had to see her again, yet he obviously pursued her. To add insult to injury to his first wife, he later said he knew when he met Pinkett that he’d married “the wrong one”. It seems the wrong one meant his first wife must have loved him and didn’t abuse him. So, too bad on you, Will Smith; you’re right where you designed yourself to be and where you’ve chosen to stay. You broke your marriage vows, left your new wife and baby and got the “right one”.

  16. That sociopath has something on him . He looks scared and sad . Like he’s truly trapped Physiologically. She’s hideous 🤮 All I can say to Will smith is “ Confession “ Open up man , unless you killed someone or abused a child , you have nothing to fear . People like her will use secret knowledge during deep conversation or Scientology confessions to hold a person to ransom . It’s got all the hall marks of Phycological abuse here 👆🏼 He’s got to Man up and dump the shiznick out of her lol 👍🏼 Jesus you rock ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  17. That’s just sh*tty 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ He calmly stated he didn’t want to do an impromptu video, but she disregarded it and totally disrespected him.

  18. ….you know when someone lands a huge shark…..they hang it upside down and pose for a picture to show their power, prowess and domination…… that's what this reminds me of……

  19. I hope they separate and live a better life without each other. Now she is not standing up for Will, but says I can take up for myself.

  20. If this was a woman everyone would be saying she is being mentally abused, because it’s a man it’s not being recognised. Abuse can come from any gender. I honestly feel bad for him, millionaire or not, clearly in some pain here.

  21. i watch u on my lunch break. u keep me going when u say much love and bliss ajajajaja. i love it. same with robin meade on hln mornings when she says good morning sunshine. Jesus i hope you realize how much those words mean to me daily! xoxox i was going to join the membership but i cant afford it but i follow and watch all videos. also, the behaviouralist panel… you guys need to make a video.

  22. She said before you just expect someone to know what you want. We'll he's straight out telling her what he wants and it's still a problem for her. He didn't blow up and said it calm and politically twice and all she does is mock him and continue. Jada has been an addict her entire life. She's now addicted to the notoriety that show has brought her and when she has no content she turns to the ones close to her to create drama. She's a real problem.

  23. Wow !! I'm shocked at how mean she is being and how beaten down and sad he looks, at the end she almost looked smug to me.

  24. It amazes me that there are still people out there who believe Jada is not a Narcissist. She is the walking and living textbook definition of a Narc in video after video! Today I realized she has a kind of deadness in her eyes which seems to be contempt and related to the lack of empathy, the lack of caring about anything except herself.

  25. Jesus, you have been more helpful than years of counseling, I finally understand why a few family members have treated me. I have finally stopped the abuse. I am trying very hard to end generations of emotionally abusive parenting. I want my children to be loved and understand that they are love. Mistakes and all.

  26. Invaidating, minimising, insulting, stepping over boundaries, only concerned about her program. I hope he dumps her and regains his power. She’s an abusive monster.

  27. Will needs to have left her long ago Apparently Jada is a frustrated wannabe who is unable to find her own niche without involving her family in her narcissistic pursuits By the way Tupac did not want to be involved with her Jada you are waay too shallow for the good of anyone else Maybe years of therapy can help you since it did not “fix” your “broken” marriage
    Danger Will Smith Danger!!!!

  28. My ex husband was like this, too. It was all about him, what he thought, what he wanted to talk about, and always trying to the center of attention (in every convo with family or friends. It was cringe) . He wouldn't shut up once he decided he had a hurt feeling about something. I hated it bc I knew that I just lost one to two hours of my day. And there was no "interrupting" him with my thoughts or opinions. That was considered super rude and totally my fault for making him lose his thoughts or take longer. I got maybe a sentence or two every 20 minutes, otherwise it was a long monologue of Matthew's thoughts. For hours. It was awful and I rue the day I ever saw his ugly face. Unfortunately we have a child together, so I'll never be rid of him completely. Our son is 8, and has ADHD so he's in therapy. And will probably be in therapy for a long time so that hopefully his narc of a father doesn't screw him up too bad by adult age. My son already complains about having to see him. But there's nothing I can do on that front, unless I can prove abuse of some sort. He's not abusing him, but I think that my ex is blind to his extreme overtalking nature and intense personality. Ten more years to go til my son's an adult and has hopefully learned that Dad is flawed and not to believe everything he might say or guilt he might heap on.

  29. Couples always say that they worked equally together. MAYBE she was taking care of the kids. But, he made millions of dollars! Not that she should be thanking him every moment of the day for all that they have, yet she tries to keep him down like he is the lucky one!


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