Losing Hair Isn’t Fair. Dry Bar Comedy

Losing hair isn’t fair, or at least thats been the experience of these Dry Bar Comedians. In this compilation from Dry Bar Comedy several Dry Bar Comedians break down what it’s like to lose your hair, or to have lost your hair. Whether you’re someone who is struggling with hair loss, or someone who has an immaculate head of hair, this compilation from Dry Bar Comedy is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish.

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Comedians featured in this compilation include: Richard Sarvate, Rahn Hortman, Warren B Hall, Joe Devito, Jasmine Ellis, Marty Polio, Alex Velluto, Brad Upton, Keith Stubbs, Scott Novotny, Jeff Allen, Ron Ruhman, Rob Little, Dan St. Paul, Matt Bergman, Maher Matta, Marty Simpson, Kenn Kington, Clayburn Cox

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Comment (30)

  1. That Joe Devito guy had me rolling. I feel so bad for them though. Im 42 with my hair past my shoulders. I used to shave my head but I started working around old bald men and had to embrace the beautiful hair God gave me before I lost it. Lol

  2. 4:10 this comedian was talking about fake homeless. There really are a lot of those unfortunately.

    I know of one in my town unfortunately. He walks around unbathed, dirty clothes, smelly, doesn't even comb his hair, and acts like he is slow and doesn't even know how to bathe.

    I found out that he has an estate in Kentucky and owns his own salvage yard, and he DOES work (very hard) in fact, but he does this for a reason. He's extremely stingy with his money (which he has plenty of.

    He could have his own home and everything the average person has. He does it for sympathy and handouts, to add his wealth that he does a great job of hiding it.

    He has people buying him food, taking him out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and giving him rides. He's also given food, clothing, shelter, access to facilities where he can bathe and wash his clothes. Yet he refuses to get his own home, bathe, wash his clothes, or get a haircut.

    People give him work opportunities because they feel bad for him. So he does the work and makes lots of money that way.

    I also found out he does have a home but only half of it has electricity (not sure how that works). He has over 40 cars, some of them run – but he has no driver's license.

    I am one of the people that was foolish enough to have helped him and found out these things about him over time.

    He does drink, smoke weed, and gamble. He also sends women money over the internet in exchange for dirty pics of themselves.

    So yeah, some of these so-called homeless really know how to work the system and play on people's sympathy. He could have his life so much better if he wasn't dishonest and stingy (tight, cheap, whatever you want to call it).

    I'm not trying to say there aren't a lot of legitimate homeless but people like that really make you wonder. Perhaps it's some sort of mental illness, Idk. But it doesn't feel good to have been exploited because of my kindness. Happens everyday I guess.

    Btw, these comedians were excellent, very funny! 😂🤣


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