Lords Of Dogtown

A fictionalized take on the group of brilliant young skateboarders raised in the mean streets of Dogtown in Venice, California. The Z-Boys, as they come to be known, perfect their craft in the empty swimming pools ofunsuspecting suburban homeowners, pioneering a thrilling new sport and eventually moving into legend. © 2005 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. i worked at trader joes with one of these guys not sure which one, but hes still skating, does pottery and is the sweetest man. i think hes done well for himself financially too.

  2. I just discovered this movie a couple of years ago…and fell in love with it. I don't know WHY I never heard of it before…but I'm so glad I ran up on it and decided to give it a try. Man….such a wonderful film….with so many wonderful young actors. And loved spotting all the pros here and there…..it's such a fun movie.

  3. I thought that "Lords of Dogtown" would merely be a fictional re-enactment of the material presented by Stacy Peralta in the great documentary "Dogtown and Z-Boys." Yes, this movie features the same cast of characters in that same moment of history. But this movie profoundly transcends the narrative of the documentary. Ultimately, "Lords of Dogtown" is about what happens to a tightly-knit group of young friends as they confront adulthood and its many issues including career, relationships, responsibilities and life-values. The script by Stacy Peralta is far more universal than his documentaries which focus on this very specific subculture. The script itself is therefore a monument to Peralta's own growth.

    I should add that I was never a skateboarder, and grew up on the opposite coast from where this scene developed. I feel absolutely no nostalgia nor have any other emotional investment in this subject. Despite that, every Stacy Peralta film project I've come across has been totally compelling. I've spent several hours watching his tributes to a scene I barely knew existed. His films are so honest and heartfelt that I find it impossible to tear myself away from them.

  4. Love this movie!! It never gets old. Especially because of the awesome cast: Heath Ledger, Nikki Reed, Emile Hirsch, and Johnny Knoxville with professional skateboarder Stacy Peralta as the writer. Thank you, YT!

  5. I remember when they filmed the pier scenes down here in San Diego, they transformed the pier at Imperial Beach into the ruins of P.O.P. My uncle and I went down there several times to check out the happenings since that was our local spot. Cool memories!

  6. Lets talk about it. I think there needs to be a prequel movie to the zephyr surf team days before. Who would play Heath's character younger?! This was one of Heaths better roles if not thee best if you really dig into his performance. Much like Bale in The Fighter.

  7. The first time I watched this movie was on my PSP around 2007. This movie and ATV Offroad Fury came with my PSP Entertainment Pack and I remember being mind blown watching a whole ass movie on my PSP lol good times. Great movie, brings nostalgia

  8. This came out when I was in elementary school. I watched it throughout my poor choice-making teen years and now I take inspiration from it. RIP to Jay. His story is the main reason I'm 6 yrs sober to this day. It's funny tho, I never became a skater. I was too fat for street or vert so longboards were also in my teen years lol. Love the cast and people they're based on. Don't do drugs kids trust me.

  9. I'm 49. Used to ride Powell Peralta: Mike McGill. Bones Brigade til the end….

    This movie totally captures the best vibe of the early years of skating. When it was going from complete dog shit into Thrasher territory. Taking Locals Only from the beaches onto the streets.

    Skating has some serious sad stories– starting with J Adams. Gator. Andy the junkie. It's good this movie doesn't gloss any of this over.

  10. Ironically I’m watching this on 9/8/22, 9/8/76 was the first time I seen the Pacific Ocean while on my first hitchhiking trip from NYC to California, and first time on a skateboard that same day.

  11. I don't care what your background, race or any of that is. If this movie doesn't touch you, especially if you're over 40 years old…you need to get hip. I miss the days of breakdancing, skateboarding, punk rock, early rap…there was a certain bond many of us shared because we were all looked at as misfits and outcasts. It still exists…but not like it did back in the day. Thank you for uploading another free banger youtube! Shout out to my algorithm too. Lol

  12. Oh hell yes love this movie even out here in the Midwest these guys were legends!!!! Makes me miss skateboarding with all my friends back in high school I never should of stopped and went all in until I made it to the X Games.

  13. Lol like how Stacie leaves his horni girlfriend out there then acts surprised when she hooks up with someone else because he's afraid to fool around with her in front of people.

  14. The comments are insane. Cmon these actors play humans that represent life and all of a sudden they are these amazing people. Idolize them when we should just watch enjoy then hope they don’t lose their life being stupid with the money we gave them by paying to see them play US🎥😏

  15. this reminds me of back in the day. we would ride our bikes and our skateboard through Jensen Beach on our way to the beach before the sun coming up. sometimes during the day and we just ran that shit most best times of my life. surfing and skating rollerblading and all the other stuff and partied like there was no end

  16. I've never been a skater, but I wish I could. I bought a skateboard and couldn't even get it in motion lol. This is a great movie though, awesome cast and very wholesome ending.

  17. I only knew Jay for about a year, but he left a mark. Definitely a wicked sense of humor. I actually got into tattooing because of him. Haha. One 😎 mofo. Put a couple of him too. Didn't get to finish the "DOGTOWN" on the back of his leg though, always wanted to meet up with him again to do that, but he's gone now.


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