Longhorn reacts after popping his toy yoga ball | CUTE VIDEO

A video of a longhorn playing with a yoga ball on a Cleveland, Texas, farm had many people smiling – at first. But it quickly turned into a sad moment when the bull’s horns popped his favorite toy.

Tex lives on the Ima Survivor Sanctuary on Plum Grove Road. The animal farm frequently posts videos of all the animals playing and going about their day-to-day.

In one video shared on Feb. 22, Tex is seen playing with a red yoga ball. After about 30 seconds in, one of Tex’s horns pops the ball.

Playtime took a sad turn. The video then shows Tex still trying to play with the flat yoga ball, even getting it stuck on one of his horns.

“Tex. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, buddy,” a man is heard saying in the video.

On Tuesday, the farm posted a big update. Tex got a new yoga ball, just like his original one.


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  1. This is Tex from the Ima Survivor Sanctuary. They have vids on here and FB. They love their animals(and once the maker of the red balls found out he popped his ball, they sent him a bunch more) 😁


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