London Lockdown 🥱 (The stupidest video I’ve ever made)

Bored. Stuck at home. Nothing to do. Nothing to watch. Limited time outside.
Finding ways to entertain myself. Possibly the stupidest video I’ve ever made. Sorry.

Virtual Gaming anyone?
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  1. How do you make these videos, do you like animate extremely precisely over your face for every scene that seems like it could take a while especially at the quality of these videos and it looks too good to be just a phone filter

  2. Hello Ami I think today november 23 is your thanksgiving festival so I hope you enjoy the day and have lots of food and all the magical leftover food that gets created afterwards. I saw your photo with the VR set up and it looked quite good on you. Your question to your followers leaves me with this. My only use to playing a game of any kind with anybody is A to make them feel incredible about themself because I am so bad and B because of my terrible skill at gaming to be put on a opposing team faltering or dying to early thus disqualifying the team. I hope I haven't let you down by my honesty. Take Care and Keep Well.

  3. i don't understand when people pretend that so-called "outside" is not much more boring than internet, which is a window into international world across all languages and cultures
    like as if there's anything to do outside
    as if there's anything else but dumb dying trees cookie-cutter houses bacterias and polluted air

  4. Amiさんは閉じこもってると滅入っちゃうタイプですか…w
    Are you the type of person who gets depressed when you are cooped up?
    Let's find an indoor hobby!

  5. Im sure quarantine has given you some time to explore new content. So what to you think of vtubers (if youve heard of them) and who is your favorite if you have one? (I am personally a fan of Botan and Calliope)

  6. You know, if a company in the future figures out how to master robotics and machine learning to the point where you can buy an Ami Yamato of your own as a companion, the lives of a lot of lonely people could be greatly improved. Especially considering my experience with humans, I'd love a friendly robot companion that gets bored from time to time. And think about how huge that industry could be! The robot makers, customizers, finance companies, clothing, "internal modifications", creators who could sell custom personalities, attachments to do work, I could list things for days. Not in my lifetime, but hopefully soon.


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