London Fireworks on New Year’s Day 2011 – New Year Live – BBC One

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London’s spectacular midnight fireworks display, welcoming in 2011. Happy New Year!

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  7. 0:04 White
    0:21 Blue
    0:36 Red
    0:55 Club Foot
    1:52 20th Century Boy
    2:13 RnR London Calling
    2:28 London Calling News
    2:34 We Will Rock You
    3:33 Pass Out
    4:15 Lucy in the Sky
    4:32 West End Girls vs You've Got the Love
    5:11 You've Got the Love Vs London Calling 2 Again
    6:00 STOP "Mind The Gap"
    6:03 Don't Stop Til you Get to Bollywood
    6:57 All Time Low
    7:34 Song ii "Wooo-hoo"
    7:56 Song 2 "Wooo-hoo" AGAIN
    8:18 Holiday
    8:34 Fireworks Ring Shells
    8:55 Fireworks FINALE

    2011 Thank You

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