Living with Sickle Cell Disease

Damali and Amiel Reid are two siblings who are living with sickle cell anemia. Listen as they talk about their struggles with the disease and their hope for a cure.

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  1. I just want to say.. well I dont really have anything to say… Im really sad actually 🙁
    I hope they make a cure!!
    but one quick question
    what's the name of the song in the background? its really beautiful
    live well and get better soon!

  2. Yes, Please write your book, you can interview me if you like. We need to talk more about our Disease. I am 41, I am not doing well, now. I still have accomplishments that I am very proud of. Hit me back.

  3. This video really touched me because these two are really turning something negative into a positive situation and trying to help others even though their bodies are going through the same thing. The medical field is really advancing so hopefully one day a cure will be found or something that can help more than the day to day antibiotics will be found. Stay strong.


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